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Appreciation for Heroes Unleashed Event

Thanks DICE Team for being bold and adventurous in pushing the game boundaries with this Heroes Unleashed Event, keeping players on their toes and putting them out of their comfort zones.

Yes granted it may not be a cup of tea for all and there is no way to please everyone but i would say this has been a largely successful one, based on reading public opinions so far on the chat roll, youtube comments, etc and my personal experience. It was really fun and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many of the battles were intense, interesting and can be chaotic, Alot of Overtimes went beyond 10 minutes.. i saw a new kind of grit in players and heroes i have never seen before, nobody wanted to surrender the objective. I've witnessed new and different tactics & strategies were being formulated revolving around the heroes, different playing styles and star cards, guess the Stinger Pistol has found a new lease of life today... tbh i have never got stung by a Stinger Pistol in BF2 until today lol. Yes adjustments can be made to improve gameplay and balancing further (increasing Ticket Counts, adjusting BPs costs, vehicles etc)

At times i felt that i was in the middle of the Attack of the Clones finale battle, or being part of a raiding Hero party in The Old Republic MMORPG during the midst of Battle on the plains of Kashyyyk. I would love to see this again so please bring it back again SOONtm next month, i'm hoping this would be seriously considered as a permanent fixture as a Monthly Special Event in the future.

May the Force be with you! :)


  • Outrider
    167 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    The event was a lot of fun. I hope it becomes a monthly thing.
  • I hope they dont do it again, i didnt like it at all. One weekend wasnt that bad but i hope they just leave it that.
  • RipperShark
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    edited October 2018
    You are right, I have never seen players fight so hard over objectives in this game. It was glorious! I was in some truly epic battles that went on for a very long time. And even if my team happened to lose these clashes, it was okay, because we put up such a great fight.

    And yes, it was even fun to play as infantry. I made very good use of the Stinger Pistol myself.
  • I hope that was first and the last time.
  • Polar opposite interpretations. As much as DICE has dropped the ball on many aspects of this game, what would you do if you received diametrically opposed interpretations to basically every design decision or mode?

    Not sympathizing with them, but reading these variances is like a zig-zag ClusterF.
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