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Focused Feedback: Battle Point Event - Heroes Unleashed

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The first Battle Point Event of October brought us Heroes Unleashed, an event where all heroes in Galactic Assault had 75% of their normal cost slashed off, and to ramp up the chaos even further, 8 heroes were allowed on the field at any given time.

As this event has now concluded, we want to gain some additional feedback about this event and see what your opinion is on this event.

Share your opinion and sound off below, let us know your thoughts on the amount of chaos that had just transpired this weekend!
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Focused Feedback: Battle Point Event - Heroes Unleashed 362 votes

This event was great, please make more like this!
19% 69 votes
This event should be made permanent!
39% 143 votes
I'd like this event to be included on a temporary rotation.
24% 87 votes
I really didn't enjoy this event.
13% 48 votes
It was great for a while, but got tedious.
4% 15 votes


  • @F8RGE when will squad system be deactivated for Strike and when will uk data centre be reactivated?
  • @F8RGE when will squad system be deactivated for Strike and when will uk data centre be reactivated?

    @Old_fella_1963 wrong thread. This is a poll/feedback thread for the Heroes Unleashed event.
  • Omniscient wrote: »
    I voted for permanency but, just to be clear, it should be its own mode—not a replacement of the current GA.

    Or Implement this event in GA but not so heavy. Maybe 4 Heroes (each side) for phase 1+2 and six for the last phase? And new cost reduction (from 4,5k to 3k and from 6k to 4,5k)?

  • kevanwithana
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    Omniscient wrote: »
    I voted for permanency but, just to be clear, it should be its own mode—not a replacement of the current GA.

    Or Implement this event in GA but not so heavy. Maybe 4 Heroes (each side) for phase 1+2 and six for the last phase? And new cost reduction (from 4,5k to 3k and from 6k to 4,5k)?

    I actually think this would be the worst of all worlds. A watered down version of heroes unleashed would annoy the people who hated it and not be enough for the people who enjoyed it.

    It’s its own mode. It played differently. I actually think that it would be possible to REDUCE the importance of heroes in GA if HU becomes its own mode, giving the people who prefer trooper play something that caters to their tastes more.
  • AzorAhai
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    Wiatowski wrote: »
    Scout1998 wrote: »
    The event was too chaotic. Heroes felt expendable and too easy to get.

    I think this was the enjoyable part of it. You could play a hero like a trooper.... Who cares if you die cause the cost wasn't that much. Barley saw any hero hanging back from the action.... I didn't care which hero you got you'd just play them.

    right. I had a run with Boba Fett, that I never, ever would have had otherwise, because I'm just good enough with him to justify spending 4500-6000 BP. It was great!
  • I had fun and I think it's fine as an event once in a while. I can see it getting old if added permanently. I'm also concerned about what it would do to the regular ga player count if made permanent.

    All that said, more extraction maps please.
  • Maybe find some middle ground to appease both sides. Create a hero Blast.

    Or, just bump up the prices a bit. Less crazy.
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  • Wiatowski wrote: »
    Only thing I'd change is reduced enforcer and JPT cost
    "Everything must go" weekend

    Also I voted permanent, but the top three are all great to me, and I'd be fine if after this it's... "Over. Finished!"... but it was fun while it lasted.
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  • I greatly enjoyed this event! I have two proposals. Either have this be an event that occurs every once in a while, or implement the same concept into Galactic Assault permanently, but only with 4-6 heroes on both sides, with a cost of around 3-4k. This is my opinion.
    Thanks for providing us with such an incredibly fun weekend! Sadly I'm going through the midterms-period at university right now so I couldn't play that much.
    But the free time I had I enjoyed playing battlefront :)
  • fatfreeham
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    edited October 2018
    I thought this event was great fun. I would like to see it as a permanent but separate mode.

    I enjoyed this mode so much because I sometimes get frustrated when I am not able to play as a hero at all in GA, or when I feel like I've saved up my BP only to immediately die and can't get in again. Lowering the bar made me a lot less frustrated when these things happened. I feel that this event was less competitive, and that is both what attracts me to it and why I think it should be a separate mode.

    EDIT: I voted permanent, but I also would like to see more events like this in the future.
  • Make it permanent. Make it own mode and make it without air traffic. Keep everthing else. Because this game need a mode like this. Like Sw 2015’s HvV mode.
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  • Would be a good addition to the conquest mode imo. I think if we had a few all infantry modes like cargo and DropZone as they were, no special units, it would make an even better fit.
  • I really enjoyed it for the first few rounds, but the novelty wore off pretty fast. In my opinion the chaos became more annoying than fun after a while. Also, It exacerbated the steamrolling issue and made playing the objective on certain maps/stages (attacking the MTT/AT-AT, opening the doors on Naboo, etc...) nearly impossible. I was on both ends of the steamrolls several times over the weekend and while nobody likes getting trampled, I also find it boring when I'm on the team doing the trampling.

  • I did not enjoy it. It’s not my cup of tea. I would prefer the shooter aspect of Star Wars and not Galaxy of Hero’s.

    That being said I will never argue with more options and I would not be opposed to it being a separate mode.
  • Unwarycoin wrote: »
    Wiatowski wrote: »
    Only thing I'd change is reduced enforcer and JPT cost
    "Everything must go" weekend

    Also I voted permanent, but the top three are all great to me, and I'd be fine if after this it's... "Over. Finished!"... but it was fun while it lasted.

    When I said permanent, I meant as it's own mode.
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  • It had its charm as a temporary event. But unfortunately, at some point, there needs to be some manner of standard before you're allowed to take a hero into multiplayer.

    Hopefully matchmaking will solve that, but if not, atleast add something to the Battle Scenario?

    Nothing is more infuriating than having two extremely-high tiered heroes in the backline, under a delusion that they're "helping" when in reality, they miss 8 out of 10 pulse cannon / sniper shots; And the main action is taking place in extremely close quarters.

    For the voting: I was torn between option 1 and option 3. Ended up going with 3 though.

    More content is always a plus. With a bit of tweaking, this could very well become a separate, unique game mode.
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  • Buried comment.
    I strongly disliked it and therefor played much less BF2 this weekend.
    Got home to even worse matchmaking and now I'm not playing again.
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • Dash
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    I Voted.
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  • This mode was great, EA should leave it in the game. One thing I would change about is to increase both the health of walkers on game modes where the objective is to attack a vehicle and to increase the amount of lives from 100 to 150 or 200 when the objective is to defend. A lot of the games I played were a lot of fun but seemed to be over at a faster pace than the original game mode. Thanks. Also releasing General Grievous on oct. 30 instead of earlier this month, or just earlier this year, is just cruel. Can see myself getting bored with this game if the new material doesn't live up to the insane amount of hype that is being built.
  • It was fun and hectic BUT it shouldn't replace normal GA.

    Some matches were just silly and far too short, others were great fun.

    I prefer the normal GA with longer time to get heroes and troopers have a key role. It felt a bit like hero hunt at times too ( not a good thing).

    As an event though, I enjoyed it, I'd like it once every few months maybe?
  • I voted for temporary only because I feel that if it was permanent it would divide the player base too much. PC already has significantly fewer players than it used to, and with 9 game modes to choose from, I see the same people over and over again in Galactic Assault PC.

    But with that said, it was definitely fun! I enjoyed the chaos. Felt like a larger scale HvV, and I didn't even mind being a trooper because it was more fun to hunt heroes for a round or two while I was trying to accumulate another 1-2k of BP to get another hero.
  • Han_Spinel wrote: »
    A violent ballet occurred this weekend in GA, and I've never been more happy in a tutu, errr..... Dare I say:
    GA has NEVER felt more like STAR WARS than during the Heroes Unleashed Event.
    • Playing Infantry Classes was more fun.
    • Playing Enforcers was more fun.
    • Playing Heroes was SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.
    • Highlight Recap Reel:

      [*]I played with someone this weekend that had, quite literally, NEVER played as a Hero in GA. They were able to on multiple occasions and it was really fun to see them having fun as a Hero.
      [*]The amount of time you can potentially play as a Hero was extremely gratifying. It also allowed those looking to level up and gain XP a chance to do so. Please incorporate more opportunities to level-up and gain XP!
      [*]It felt more balanced than ever before. It wasn't just one or two skillful Heroes throwing the match: e.g., Bossk & I (Kylo Ren) were absolutely tearing it up Phase 1 on Crait this weekend. That is until we walked into the wrong tunnel nearing the end of the Phase, which housed Lando, Chewbacca, Leia, Luke, and Finn - we were toast. Was I upset? No, it was hilariously amazing and a literal scream out loud surprise attack lol. We then proceeded to have the most insane and chaotic 20min overtime session on Phase 2. We lost on Phase 3, and I was still happy in my tutu.
      [*]I felt like the amount of Hero support, combined with the lower BP cost, pushed more Heroes to PTFO - something many of you know I hold near and dear to my Hero-playing heart. It was a beautiful thing to witness Heroes trying to help their teams at all costs.

      Constructive Feedback
        [*]Respawn Selection Screen Whack-A-Mole Camping. I don't know how to solve this, other than an Idea from these forums re: a Hero-queue system; this way you can go back in as infantry/Enforcer/vehicle and wait for your moment to arrive.
        [*]The current framework seemed to hold up for the most part, but I noticed a considerable amount of Heroes lagging relative to the base-GA game. I experienced this myself, dying to "nothing" on occasion.
        [*]It only lasted a weekend, and now that I've had my taste, I don't have a strong desire to play GA until it gets implemented again.
        [*]Leia Campers were back in full-force. So disappointing knowing how incredibly supportive she is on the front lines (video evidence below).

        Anyhow, these are my thoughts after collecting fun data all weekend. Some people I play with regularly don't like playing GA at all, but had a considerable amount of fun this weekend, and I think that speaks volumes to its success.



        p.s. I REALLY like the polling idea - it is PERFECT for acquiring focused feedback! I voted for permanent mode, but also want more events like this in the future #duh

        It would be cool to cross reference those voting they didn't like it with those that actually tried the mode out for more than 10min ;)

      • Omniscient wrote: »
        I voted for permanency but, just to be clear, it should be its own mode—not a replacement of the current GA.

      • @TotalFPS I thought it was cool, but it should be reserved for a large-scale mode like Conquest or in its own separate mode.
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      • Retsim_Rellim
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        I loved this event, I feel it could be a great standalone mode. Perhaps it could even be edited to maybe no troopers, just 8 vs 8 HvV GA. So heroes right from the start, 8 players a side capturing points or pushing up walkers with heroes being able to fire ion disuptors in this mode, only with slightly smaller maps to compensate.
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      • I would love this event to be permanent but as a separate game mode to keep everyone happy!
      • Anonymous_Tom
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        -removed- The mode RUINED Galactic Assault.


        But, it's "too hard" to do that.

        It was just not fun, plain and simple.
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      • I can't say that i would have it be permanent, but i definitely wanna see the event happen more often. I played as heroes i would absolutely avoid in certain phases or just in GA in general (Boba Fett, Phasma, Leia) and it felt like people were actually going all out with the heroes, with the cheap price i'm sure; majority of the time i saw heroes supporting their team at the front lines and actually playing the objective. So good.
      • Make a new mode Heroes Unleashed and leave GA alone, i didnt like it too chaotic, base killing.
      • PulseCannon
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        There is a reinforcement events coming out. Good luck playing attacker when 8 wookies defending . How about LAAT events? 16 LAAT shooting laser ? Or 16 speeder event?
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