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EOR Matchmaking Test, Strike and Blast

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Hey Everyone,

We wanted to give you a quick heads up with regards to some further tests, and tweaks, that we are going to be performing on the End of Round Matchmaking.

These tests will begin today, Friday 12th October at 12:00 UTC.

The test will continue through the weekend and will allow us to gather a lot more data on the matchmaking behaviour across all game modes.

As part of the tweaks we are making for this test, we are reducing the number of maps that are within the rotations.

This will ensure we get more data across all maps, and servers will be fuller. These changes to the map rotations will spread across multiple game modes, a breakdown of which you can find below.

Heroes vs Villains
  • Day One: Cloud City, Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Death Star II
  • Day Two: Starkiller Base, Jakku, Takodana, Yavin 4
  • Day Three: Naboo, Kashyyyk, Kamino, Kessel, Jabba’s Palace

Galactic Assault
  • Day One: Kashyyyk, Naboo, Kamino, Tatooine
  • Day Two: Hoth, Endor, Yavin 4, Death Star II
  • Day Three: Crait, Jakku, Starkiller Base, Takodana

Starfighter Assault
  • Day One: Unknown Regions, Endor, Ryloth, Fondor
  • Day Two: D'qar, Kamino, Fondor, Ryloth
  • Day Three: Unknown Regions, Endor, Kamino, D'qar

  • Day One: Kamino, Naboo, Kashyyyk
  • Day Two: Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin 4
  • Day Three: Starkiller Base, Jakku, Takodana, Deathstar II

  • Day One: Kamino, Kashyyk, Naboo, Jabba’s Palace
  • Day Two: Deathstar II, Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Cloud City
  • Day Three: Jakku, Takodana, Starkiller Base, Crait, Kessel

Hero Showdown
  • Day One: Endor, Jabba’s Palace, Deathstar II, Hoth
  • Day Two: Kashyyyk, Kamino, Naboo
  • Day Three: Jakku, Starkiller Base, Cloud City

We learned a lot from the recent test, and are already working on further backend improvements which we hope to deploy shortly.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback during these tests and thank you for your continued patience.

Strike and Blast
We will also be making some changes to both Strike and Blast. Both of these game modes will be operating on a one round basis, and not two.
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  • Appreciate the update Ben! I am happy to see ongoing progress on the EOR! I hope this time the EOR will function really well!
  • Darth_Vapor3
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    Thank you for this information and your continuing efforts with game improvement.
  • It's not putting us into new servers after rounds is it???
  • Thanks for the heads up, hopefully it doesn't kill the weekend for the players. I'm liking the fast spawn event, I guess this will be the balance in the force that just leaves me at "Meh."
  • Thanks for the notice but I do have a question for you....

    Why not have different maps for GA, Blast and Strike each day. As it is now the same maps are available in all three game modes. Why not have Kashyyyk on Day 1 for GA, Day 2 for Strike and Day 3 for Blast (for example). Personally I don't care what map I play but I know a lot of people hate certain maps and that would give them a certain level of choice.
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  • Playing GA. hmm ok so far I was being dumped into half empty servers quite a few times earlier along with others when it was time to 'match make', I had to quit and do a new search for new games and thus finding myself to joining games that are already 'in progress', then when the 'in progress game ended' this cycle will repeat itself. it got abit tiring and so i've quit for the time being.
  • What about the sound bug? Do you plan to fix it?
  • I first joined a GA game from the start, which was fine, and then the 'matchmaking kicked in and I was dumped in a server with about two other people🤨
  • Empire176 wrote: »
    I first joined a GA game from the start, which was fine, and then the 'matchmaking kicked in and I was dumped in a server with about two other people🤨

    Same here. Only to add salt, I was dumped into a server with 3 people going to the same map I was just on.
    Honestly, [expletive deleted] these guys right in their [expletive deleted].
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I have not had much fun during the last couple matchmaking "experiments", so I won't be participating. I hope you really are able to gather useful data so you can implement a good system, as this "testing" is growing tiresome. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. Please no more tests after this.
  • Team shuffle isn't matchmaking, not that hard
  • Empty lobbies aplenty today :(

    Strike, PS4, UK (German) server.
    UK PS4 Playing mostly Strike and Extraction
  • If you read the in-game chat the biggest complain about the game is that the team balance is often very bad. One team is very strong, the other team is very weak and even if you are the best player in the world you can´t win with 19 beginners in your team against a team that works togehter like a clan. The current approach to fix this is to mix teams at the end of each round, but that's not be good enough so let me suggest something to fix this problem once and for all:

    DICE has a lot of data about the players - like their level and their battle points in previous matches. Wouldn’t it be easy to calculate two teams of well balanced strengh with all this information? There are nearly unlimited possibilities to do this, but even a pretty simple one should work out well: Sort all 40 players that join a match by battle points in their last match of the same type (like Galactic Assault) - you can also take the middle of the last 5 or 10 matches to make this even more accurate. Now put #1 in team A, #2 in team B, #3 in team A, #4 in team B and so on. Voila! Now you have two teams with nearly the same power.
  • Looks like I wont be playing. I dont feel like beta testing either.
  • RyanNXD0120
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    I really appreciate your efforts. However, it is undeniable that this is annoying, I was put in an empty lobby like 3 times in a row after EOR matchmaking does the work. In addition to that, I had one game that two teams are very balanced, and then the map finished, I was kicked to another lobby in which my team was totally steamrolled. I just really hope that you guys will look into this problem carefully and let this EOR matchmaking be an option (let people decide to leave or to stay) so that firstly they don't have to back out to the main menu to find a new game, secondly they can probably find a new lobby yet the map rotation still remains. It sounds hard but it's possible I believe. Thank you.
  • I think the most useful data you'll get from testing matchmaking on Test, Strike and Blast, is a server load spike on all other modes ;)
    UK PS4 Playing mostly Strike and Extraction
  • I went to Extraction to escape this EOR matchmaking fiasco's doing it there now, too???
    UK PS4 Playing mostly Strike and Extraction
  • Appreciate the efforts your starting to make, keep it up
  • LOL. DICE is encouraging us to go outdoors instead of staying in our basement playing games all week-end. HAHAHA
  • I went to Extraction to escape this EOR matchmaking fiasco's doing it there now, too???

    I went into empty lobbies. Population one.
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  • This matchmaking plan is awful. The decrease to a one second wait this weekend is meaningless. It's still a holdup..... plus the matchmaking is foul... not amused at having to be a villain game after game, especially when I need to be Chewbacca to complete a Daily Challenge. Thumbs down. :s Not Good. Return the lobbies to normal asap after this trial weekend please @F8RGE
  • Chico
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    Agree with the majority here. I don't want to wait 5 minutes between games filling lobbies and I don't want to keep playing the same maps over and over. Simple shuffle between maps would surely keep most players happy?
  • Matchmaking is awful, basically the same as me quitting and restarting game mode after each map
  • I think it would be helpful if it was explained what exactly you are trying to accomplish with the EoR MM tests you are doing. As of our point of view it just seems you are forcing everyone to search for a new lobby after each map, which isn't helpful in solving team balance at all, and as others have stated we have always had the option of doing this manually ourselves.
  • ...never waited this long for a Dominos pizza on a Friday night... I have seen this game 'shuffle the deck' - so that everyone gets a chance to play on a boss team or break up the winning streaks (with no delays / no empty lobbies). What happen to that sip of beautiful?
    Your algorithm for squads is amazing - getz better with time and practice - and can you see the madness that match-making is bringing? ....this is Hannibal Lecter treatment ....I hear the lambs complaining about not going through this in other games?
    I recommend: on the rotation to the next map - just rotate the top 10 - 20 players based on killstreaks. If the killstreaks are even - then the top 4 players should rotate. (Then everyone can get a Victory) Rotating the entire SW server is futile
  • I played a lot land the matches were better balanced; had a lot of fun. The matchmaking is really working I guess. Good job guys!

  • What does the matchmaking system look for, what does it compare and how is decided which player gets moved to what lobby.

    We aren't getting these answers because it is literally not "looking at" anything. It's just breaking up servers.
    It's just taking x number of servers and shuffling them all with players just starting a new game.
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • EightMile wrote: »
    This will not end well.

    Like always?
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