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Need More/Buffed Weapons

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edited October 2018
It seems like it’s been a while since an update has seriously addressed the main weapons for each class (damage, accuracy, range, etc). Sadly enough, the weapons for each class were more enjoyable in the early stages of the game, but due to nerfs and bad player feedback, many weapons have been overnerfed to the point where they are not used anymore, or practical to use.

This was a pattern I noticed in the first Battlefront. A gradual nerfing of each weapon over the course of time until every weapon is no where near as accurate or damaging as they used to be, which makes the gameplay much less rewarding to good players since this takes the skill out of aiming and reaction. I actually think the players on the receiving end of these weapons are to blame for this.

Good players discover which weapons work well and use them for various situations and do well with them, because they are good players. Good players will therefor get large/frequent killstreaks because they have good aim and reaction. The victims of these weapons however will see themselves continuously being shredded by these weapons and resort to thinking they are OP.

Weapons hit particularly hard by this line of thinking we’re the Blurg, CR-2, SE 44C, and EL-16HFE. These were all weapons generally used by good players and were the ones people would collect large killstreaks on. I’ll admit, the CR-2’s range in the beginning was a little too much in that you could take down people from long ranges for a close range gun, but now it has been so heavily nerfed, it doesn’t even serve as a good close quarters gun. The same can be said with the weapons mentioned above and for serveral others as well. Each weapon has had their stats adjusted so much to the point where Assaults only use the A-280 burst, Officers the SE-44C, Specialist the NT-242, and Heavy, well every gun sucks with the heavy (except the TL 50 at close range).

There’s no reason to use any other gun because they no longer work well for their intended use and range. Just because other players kill you over and over again with a particular weapon, doesn’t mean that weapon is OP. More often than not, it’s just because they are good players who will get large killstreaks with whatever they use (unless we’re talking about the explosive shot DC-15 bug, that was a crisis). Buff the range, damage, and accuracy of many of these weapons and reward the good players who will continue to support this game if their skill and gameplay is rewarded.

To add to that, new weapons and customizations for each class would be an exciting thing for the game, especially since it’s been out for almost a year now.


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