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Minecraft- Topic

I know this may make me sound like a nerd, but seriously. Minecraft has been doing a lot of stuff, and that game is almost 10 years old. The have released an entirely new ocean system, and are actually listening to their community about stuff. They just had a huge vote on their next biome to update. The community got to decide. Minecraft is doing some really cool things during its tenth year of life. If you haven't played it for a while, I encourage you to get back into it. I actually just finished making Rome, and it was awesome.
This is a thread made for those fans of Minecraft to get to talk about it, share their creations, and come up with awesome ideas. I hope this thread does successfully, because I really do like the game.
Give me an Old Luke skin, and we will be best friends. He is the only one I plan on buying with real $. :-)
Poe/Hux Concept Ideas:


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