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Anyone Got some Boba advice!!

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edited October 2018
Hi all. I’m not too proud to ask for help!
I’ve been playing BF2 since release date and like a lotof us, have tried to complete the challenges 100%.
I’m on 99% and on have one challenge left!
Boba triple barrage!
Any tips to help me complete it?
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  • I hadnt bothered with it for the longest time, actually that and Luke's push. I was lucky enough to get the Boba one shortly after going for it. I got it on DS2 final phase on the elevator uplink. Just waited for it to turn on and fired down through the stair well.
    Keep trying to get it a legit way. No point cheating it or you'll never really get to 100%.


  • MechanicalMan
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    I was waiting for someone to mention that. Asking for help isn’t cheating.
    I’m struggling with it and was asking for help.
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  • Ok, you want to split hairs over the terminology...

    You want to get three people to stand quietly in a row so you can complete the challenge without any effort. Is that better?

    This guy asked for tips and just completed it.

    Keep struggling. You'll get it on your own and be happier for it.


  • Thet was me.. I completed it yesterday after some advice from other players in where the bottle necks are etc.
    They were very helpful.
    But yes I completed it in my own and it’s great to get 100% 😁
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