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Remove Squad Spawn System in GA and Strike

This new squad spawn system is destroying the strategic and tactical elements of Galactic Assault and Strike.

I have over 1200 hours of gameplay in SWBF2 and I’ve never seen the attacking sides at such a disadvantage as they are now with this new system. On objectives such as Jakku, Hoth, and Tatooine, for instance, the defenders can repeatedly spawn to hold the objective, no matter how many times they die.

I would recommend either removing the squad spawn system altogether or increase the time to squad spawn to 10-15 seconds and default spawn to 5-7 seconds.

Please do something. I love this game, but I’m having trouble enjoying it with this system in place and often just don’t feel like playing anymore because of it.


  • Goomas
    94 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    Yeah, but some of the most fierce battles I have seen yet (340+ hours at BF2), were since the change. I actually like it, but it is harder to decide which type of trooper to spawn because I cannot see their rankings like the old system did. For instance I may have 2 heavy troopers not in battle to spawn on, but if they are both level 70's like mine, I may go for using an Assault trooper. But, if they were two lower level Heavies I would use an officer class to help them with health buffs, turrets or squad shields.
  • I have looked at the mini-map and seen a near perfect line of blue dots stretching from the top of the left objective all the way to the back right spawn in GA's Hoth hangers as the attacking team trickles into it and friendlies continually spawn, filling any momentary gaps.
    The throne room on Naboo was usually a toss-up clusterfrog (take that and censor it, I dare you) that could go either way at any moment, but no, not anymore. I have been on teams that snowballed all the way to that room only to fail because there is constant flow of magically spawning troopers jumping out from behind the pillars. Current total elimination record in that situation is 123, with my 2nd in the 70s and 3rd in the 60s, while the highest the defenders managed was in the mid 30s. ...

    I liked the flow of combat as it was (hard as that is to say). I used to play almost everyday. I have not played in over a month. Until I come across an article that reads something like "Common sense restored, Squad Spawn removed" I doubt I will play this game again.
  • Yeah...this spawn is a bad idea IMHO. Of course it's more intense but as nothing to in GA.
  • d0kRX
    1434 posts Member
    Nah don't do that! That's like a poll asking to vote Yes on spending 30 seconds or more of the game running to the action in GA, and I'm sorry but the overall is gonna be no.
    PSN: d0kRX
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