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How many of you play BF15 OVER BF 2?

Well, apparently I have just been burned out on BF 2 since updates are so darn slow and no new content since the minor Solo season. Because of this and keep on thinking of the great nostalgia of SWBF15 . So I reinstalled it. I mean don't get Me wrong, BF2 has great maps, fun campaign, and stuff (which I still play a bit and My daily crate that is all I have been doing for a while now) but to Me SWBF1 has that awesome OT feel and cool characters that I can emote more that is hilarious. I also like the Jakku & Endor maps way more on SWBF1 as well as I feel that are better designed.

I am so glad that many players still play WA a lot but DLC seems dormant at times on PS4.

So, did you do what I did for the same or different reason? Are you still for the first game, for the second, or play them both regularly? This is just something that was on My mind guys:)
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  • I played the first one, pre-ordered it. short lived.
    Now I sometimes came back to it but got tired of the overpowered weapons, teams and the lack of maps, that got me fed up so I just usually quit and play other games.
  • Never play BF2, always play BF1 on Xbox
  • Chris1
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    Bf1 2015 better!
    Need xbox x patch! 4k please!
  • Chris1
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    Give battlefront 2015 a 4 k patch on xbox x! And an engancememt patch on ps4 pro please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would if I could find a game on the Death Star dlc!!
  • DaxStorm wrote: »
    I would if I could find a game on the Death Star dlc!!

    If you are from Europe or nearby and you play on Pc, add me.

    I'm creating a group of players to start matches on dlcs maps.

    My Nick is: jmoyano92

  • bfloo
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    The 2015 game has better infantry play and cargo is usually all pto players on X1.

    Only dlc I can get in is OR, but 2v2 extraction is kind of meh
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  • I still play every now and then, when I need my star wars fix.
  • As a competitive game there’s no comparison imo, 15’s infantry play is light years ahead of bf2 and it’s more individual skill based, again imo. It’s just a better game imo, 2 is still a solid game just in a different way, it’s more for the blueberries and less than great FPS players imo.
  • Yeah, I've been playing a few games recently. BF2 is a mess, the gameplay isn't as good, neither is the map design. A large part of the community seems to get duped by DICE's "soon" comments, as if somehow Grevious is going to fix everything. It won't, it will be the same game just with a couple more characters to play.

    At least with BF15 we can enjoy it for what it is. It's not been too difficult to find dlc games, Bespin is usually full, Death Star not so much.

    Plus I'm only really a fan of the OT so it gets that right over BF2.

  • Play BF1 almost everyday....Great fun and great gameplay. Still a lot of good players playing on PS4. Often times, matches are very tight!!!
  • I've gone back to playing it on PS4, just wish more people would play the DLC (Bepsin and Death star!).
    Feels and sounds more like Star wars.
    Games are (for the most part) more balanced. Also has better game modes.
    I have no problem finding games for the main and outer rim parts - the later DLC is all but dead.
  • jmoyano92 wrote: »
    DaxStorm wrote: »
    I would if I could find a game on the Death Star dlc!!

    If you are from Europe or nearby and you play on Pc, add me.

    I'm creating a group of players to start matches on dlcs maps.

    My Nick is: jmoyano92

    Thanks but unfortunately I'm on the Xbox!
  • I play BFII every night. And like the OP, I was getting bored with lack of new content. So I decided to play BFI for the past 4 days. I will say I missed it. I am much better at BFI, probably because of the easier gun mechanics. It only took about 2 maps of WA to get back to the top of the board and earn MVP honors.

    So that makes me think, why can I be just an average player on BFII, but come back to the first one after not playing in a year and get back to dominating?

    I will say I do not miss the noob load outs of Bacta, bubble, and jump pack. BFII has better maps and for me better graphics. The play of the game is harder. They need more content ASAP.
  • When BF 2015 was released I didnt have a console so I played on my roommates XB1 furiously for 3 months. I was unemployed at the time so I easily played for over 10h a day.

    So BF2 came along and I've played that too but not with the same enthusiasm. But this week BF2015 was on sale 80% off... I live in South America so I was scared I wouldn't find games.
    Doesn't matter... I prefer played with a constant 150ms (which is annoying but I usually do great regardless) on the US East server than playing BF2.

    Aside from minor things (Starfighter combat and Hero play and pick ups) BF1 is superior in every aspect.
    I much prefer the free form infantry to classes... Gun play feels much better. A lot more weapons (my beloved EE-3, how I missed thee. Too bad the EE-4 looks really strong short range but the lack of Sabotage games prevents me from completing the Hutt Contract) the sounds and effects (Thermal Imploder and Blasters), the skins (Blonde ponytail human!), and the maps (Imperial Base on Endor for 12 players is so nostalgic for me for some reason)...

    Anyway. I'm really happy I decided to come back to BF2015. I just wish I could play the DLC content I couldn't when they were launched (my roommate didn't buy them).
  • Battlefront 2015 season pass is on sale on the PS store at the moment!
  • I love Battlefront 2015. Always will. I'll probably hop on this weekend. The only things that bother me about the gameplay are the Jump Pack and Bacta Bomb.
  • Recently I've been playing this game more often than the sequel, but that wasn't my plan.
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  • Me....SWBF1 all the way.....
  • Courtney9089
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    Truthfully I started with battlefront 2 (2017) due to it being on sale a long time ago.

    After hearing that 2015 had offline walker assault I bought the game when it was on sale for 5 dollars (during a EA sale back in September I believe). Mostly because I wasn't a fan of 2017's offline, yeah there was story mode & arcade but just didn't like playing team deathmatch over & over (didn't help there was a limit of 10 bots on each team) & my gold membership was expiring (on xbox one). So I picked it up just for the offline & you really couldn't go wrong with it being 5 dollars lol.

    After playing online & leveling up a bit before my gold membership expired (I also played online this weekend due to xbox having a free gold/online weekend), I truthfully discovered I loved it more then 2017. For some odd reason I have more of a blast. Don't get me wrong 2017 is good but I love 2015 a bit more. If you ask me 2017 should of took the stuff from 2015 & expanded upon it .... not downgraded in my opinion.

    I love the maps they are 100% unique, the weapon variety, hutt contracts, customize-able characters, the heroes (favorite hero to play as is jyn erso, besides luke & darth vader), the offline content (like the hero & villain mini game where you collect coins/medals, how there are collectibles hidden on the single player maps/missions, horde mode, & then of course the 20 vs 20 walker assault with bots) & truthfully just feels extremely unique in my opinion.

    Only have 2 complaints, the DLC maps arn't offline & should of been & walker assault offline is a bit to easy the walkers never reach the third phase & go down in the second phase or on a rare occasion the first phase.

    Anyway truthfully I have a lot more fun & a complete blast playing 2015 be it online or offline over 2017.
  • If I could find matches sooner than 15-20 minutes I'd reinstall.
  • Matches on PC were almost impossible to get into, particularly walker assault. Forget about those DLCs you already overpaid - you'll never get on those again. I could find games easier on the European servers, but the lag was borderline unplayable.

    I prefer BF2015 over BF2 because it was faster paced action, and I thought more attention to detail was put in the maps.

    They need to come up with a match making system that just puts you in any "first available" match. For example, select the map you would prefer to play, but also check the box that reads "I'll play the first available match". So if you have 14 players trying to get into a walker assault match, and 12 players trying to get into other matches but have checked "I'll play the first available match", the game creates a walker assault match with all those players.

    Of course EA would simply want you to get fed up and play/ buy Battlefront 2 which eventually, will suffer the same problem.
  • I have been back playing a lot the past few weeks. I am quickly reminded of the trash players. The bacta, shield, jet pack players who also use mouse and keyboard run rampant in Bespin. The M&K is a problem in BFII as well, but the scrub load outs reminds me why I am going back to BFII
  • If I could find matches sooner than 15-20 minutes I'd reinstall.

    Try to choose different regions in EA setting and see how it works...Sometime, “automatic” selection is not working but when I choose “Europe”, full matches straight away even in DLCs. Try choosing the region depending on your time zone and the time you play....
  • I like battlefront 2 but I prefer the large scale battles on Battlefront 1 better. It just seems more like there is a war going on with so many different battles taking place everywhere.

    I love the Skirmish mode and Survival mode for offline play. I wish we could get something like that for Battlefront 2.

    The 2 things I wish they would do for Battlefront 1 is release more maps for offline play and please let us take our online characters offline.
  • Ppong_Man12
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    Wallofman wrote: »
    I have been back playing a lot the past few weeks. I am quickly reminded of the trash players. The bacta, shield, jet pack players who also use mouse and keyboard run rampant in Bespin. The M&K is a problem in BFII as well, but the scrub load outs reminds me why I am going back to BFII

    Imo 2 is based on and around scrub load outs. It’s one of the most casual constricted skill based shooters I’ve personally played. Don’t get me wrong I play both but 15 takes considerably more skill imo to be good.
  • BF 2015 has better game modes. I do go back to it and play it a lot. I love cargo and the Outer Rim DLC.
  • BF15 has better game modes, a wider skill-gap, and is more exciting. The pace of play is great. I strongly prefer BF15
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  • Man it was a big wow effect,to play BF15 at first Time.
    Have celebrated with friends the countdown, until the start of the game.
    Pure nostalgia.

    I did not delete it.
    mhm it would have to play again.
  • Courtney9089
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    I went back to 2017 just for the obi wan & geonosis update played for a few days (2 days) & came back to 2015, still find it 10x better. For some odd reason in battlefront 2017 I keep getting killed left & right, I spawn get killed, spawn in, get killed & repeat. If I get to play as a hero or villain get killed instantly after spawning in without killing another player.

    2015 I can go on killing sprees (then yeah there is games/matches where I get killed left & right but happens less) & if I get a hero can go on killing sprees even if I head straight in. This game just feels better in my opinion. Not to mention the heroes actually feel like heroes in my opinion. They don't go down easily & if they are going down they can take a bunch of people out with them. 2017 they are extremely squishy in my opinion.

    Not to mention I still love the maps & the offline play 2015 has. (Though I will admit if 2017's offline play ever improves and gets more modes besides team death match & survival, would be playing 2017 just for the offline play lol)

    Edit: Also been playing online in 2015 just not offline play lol. Almost at level 50 just need 3 more level ups.
  • I play
  • I just get burned out on 2017. I feel like I could play 2015 for much longer periods of time. The spawn timer kills the flow, there is only a handful of guns for each class, and there is more variety in terms of gameplay in 2015 than 2017.
  • Play BF1 almost every day and having so much fun...
  • I started playing SWBF1 yesterday. I reinstalled it but my DLCs are lost. I haven't played in 2 years, losing and dying like a noob in 5 games.
    I want back for fun and play with my rebel/stormtrooper girl.
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  • Had a great three hours on Bespin last night. Rarely find a game on it so took advantage and played longer than I was going to. My favourite DLC. Thank you US west!
  • Love SWBF1, Cargo, Death Star, Droid Run, etc.

    UK/PS4 - After 8pm most days.
  • BF15 - PS4 players are tuff and crazy. Supremacy all the way.

    I used to play on UK/European server but since I dominated that region I moved on to dominate USA Server. US players are very organized and better skilled I feel. Games are evenly matched due to high number of skilled players. European server always one sided skilled (friends) vs noobs (finishes quickly).
  • @x_Abusido_x Do you know when peak hours are for the US? I just picked up the Ultimate Edition and would love to play the DLC maps, there was no one there last night...
  • @PupitoN64 Noon to late nights is when I notice most regulars come in, but I'm usually playing anytime of day.

    There are usually 2 lobbies (games) which are always full 20x20 match. When full, your screen will say "SEARCHING FOR GAME" and of course you end up in an empty lobby. Best way to join a full house game is to keep leaving the "SEARCHING FOR GAME" screen and attempt to search for a game again and again and again.

    Eventually in a minute or two one player will leave game and you can enter straightaway to take that spot.

    I've never waited more than 5 minutes to enter a 20x20 game.

    Hope that made sense :)
  • @PupitoN64 Oh Sorry you're talking DLC maps....

    Same as above keep leaving and search for new game (non-stop) and eventually you'll end up with the right people within few minutes. Bespin & Outer Rim always a game going there..

  • @x_Abusido_x Awesome! I will try that tonight when I get home. Really hoping to play these DLC maps to experience the full game.

    I'll keep searching and dropping to get in next time. Thanks for the tip!
  • I wish more people were on it. I been wanting to play Bespin but nobody ever on. I do like 1 over 2 but I do like the single campaign of 2.
  • I was able to get on and play Bespin and Outer Rim from about 8-11pm CST.

    @x_Abusido_x actually gunned me down a few times :)

    Still would like to try out the Scarif and Death Star maps!

    I really hope they put in some form of Galactic Assault for BF2 arcade mode. The sense of scale and scope is way more fun than arcades current team battle.
  • DaxStorm wrote: »
    I would if I could find a game on the Death Star dlc!!
    You can sometimes find DLC servers now, particularly outer rim, and you can almost always find HvV, cargo, and occasionally walker assault. Also U.S west has the most active Battlefront 2015 players. The amount is growing by the day,

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  • I would if there were more people on PS4 - for Supremacy alone. People go on about how Battlefront 2015 lacked content but compared to Battlefront 2 at least it doesn't lack forty player game modes.
  • CeymalRen
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    I may be late to the game but nie I think 2015 is far superior.
  • CarapaceonMenace
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    I might finish up the current milestones i have left; the arbitrary score this many points with this hero then revert back to 2015. I miss the HvV, WA, and the trench run.
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  • I am still playing 2015 due to only thing I like about 2017 is the graphics & the heroes. Other then those 2 reasons I really don't play 2017 prefer 2015 since like I said before it feels more like a war game/battlefield.
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