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Why do you hope dice fails?

My number one reason is because they don't identify squads. Especially in HVV. I can't tell if matchmaker has made it better or worse. At least if you see the same team again you know they are a squad but then it sucks for the next group who comes in. If dice would Id them I wouldn't mind them so much.


  • I don't... why would I? That is like hoping the captain of the ship you are on crashes into the rocks lol... but you do you!
  • They're a mediocre developer that, as of late, have shown they don't care.

    Just look at this game's failure to launch and the current struggle to stay above water, Battlefield 1's still glaring issues and the controversy surrounding Battlefield V.

    The proof is in the pudding.
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    Because when one ship crashes a better one gets built. Literally dopes steering it and I hope they take EA down with them since They set the course.
  • DarthJ
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    I dont either, despite my negativity. They have caused the negativity is the issue. Its all good now though, RDR2 is amazing :love:
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  • Screw dice.
  • Because they are incompetent and are making me hate most of the iconic star wars characters thanks to their sorry excuse of a videogame.
  • I don't want them to fail necessarily but it seems EA wants them to. The game could be so much better but certain design decisions as other things are holding it back.

    Also Failure is the mother of success.
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  • Odi
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    Because of their handling of the IP.

    Kill the past etc. Release the IP to more developers, the chokehold they keep is just stupid at this point.
  • EA_Cian
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    Locking this.

    As always, criticism is fine, negative feedback is okay too. But making a thread saying "Why do you hope DICE fails?" isn't constructive, and some of the posts continue that trend.

    If you want to post issues you have with the game you can, but you need to do so in a mature, respectful fashion.
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