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Hero Banter Question

So I'm one of the unlucky ones who has been affected by the no friendly hero banter on PS4...
I can't wait until it's fixed for PS4.

I can't even remember the last time I heard friendly chatter, although it may have been back before Finn and Phasma were released, which got me thinking. Has anyone actually heard friendly banter between Rey and Finn? Or Grevious and Palpatine? Young Han and Young Lando? Or Kylo and Phasma?

What about cross-era banter? Does Luke talk to Rey? Vader to Klyo? Etc?

I guess I'm trying to determine how much of it is bugged and how much just was never implemented in the first place?

I'm really interested in what everyone is experiencing. Feedback please.


  • bfloo
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    crylo and Phasma talk.

    I doubt Grievs and Palps will talk.
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  • When the game launched there used to be so much banter between team mates. Rey and Han would talk about Rey getting a job, Vader and Bobba would have lengthy conversations too. I loved it, but at some point it stopped.
  • Are you on PS4?
  • I only wish there was a way to turn this off. It's the worst in HvV when trying to be sneaky, and then you hear your character give your position away. Definitely a bad thing if you play General FOTM, as his efficiency is directly tied to taking people by surprise.
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  • There's a difference between Hero and villain banter and friendly banter. I'm talking about loght side talking to light side and dark side talking to dark side. But I hear you, sometimes it gives you away, but it those little tags that make it feel more like Star Wars and less like a "shooter"
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  • "I remember when you were... younger"
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  • "I remember when you were... younger"
    "Even then I was better than you"

    Who said that?
  • "I remember when you were... younger"
    "Even then I was better than you"

    Who said that?

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  • I've never heard the banter between yoda and luke, so i guess there has always been a Problem on ps4. I hope they'll come up with a fix soon, expecially when all the new heroes are being released. And I really hope they have some dialogues between yoda and obi, or yoda and anakin.
  • Yeah I’m pretty sure that its only on PS4 I made a thread and they told me that they were looking into it I just don’t know when they are are going to fix though, it’s a shame too cause the banter was one of my favorite things about this game
  • thorzhammers
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    I agree, I remember a lot of friendly banter at launch. I rarely hear any now. I can only recall Luke speaking to Han in recent months. It may just be bug related. Good point. I'm on PS4 btw.
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