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Female player models

Okay with customisation around the corner something has been bugging me, will the female characters receive their own body preset that goes with the head or will it look like a girl with a mans body like it was in Battlefront 2015 ?


  • Old_fella_1963
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    edited March 2018
    Definitely should recognisable as female
  • Kattz
    33 posts Member
    I am looking forward to the choices, not all are dudes, guys, etc.
    Thank You for showing interest in this choice, as used in SWBF 1
    (AK) =^.^=
  • Well it definitely won't for the troopers.

    The Scout Trooper and First Order Heavy both fall into that same category at the moment.
    a girl with a mans body
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  • It will need to have huge breasts, hourglass figure, and barely any armor. Furthermore it... Oh wait, this is an FPS, not anime or MMO/RPG. NEVERMIND!

    On a serious note, I wouldn't expect it to be obvious on an armored trooper that they're female. The voice is enough to convince me. If it was made clear visually, it doesn't need to be glaring. Even Phasma isn't super obvious, if at all.

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  • Kattz
    33 posts Member
    I am referring to the mods for the in-game avatars, such as in SWBF 1. Those were purchased with the in-game credits, facial, hair as such for the non masked avatars, I am sure you understand ;)
    (AK) =^.^=
  • I am hoping more peeps are interested and provide their thoughts to EA and such, TY
    (AK) =^.^=
  • Was this in Twitter or something because I don't remember reading it. I would like to see more female/alien customization.
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