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Forest of Endor

Getting shoved into other modes

So in the last week, my friends and I have been repeatedly pulled out of our game by the matchmaking, and then pulled into entirely different modes. This happening to anyone else?


  • Draco_RSA
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    edited November 2018
    yes it is, and the devs refuse to address this issue - not getting any real answers from them.
  • Yep, happens pretty frequently. No word on a fix.
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  • Yes. Every day😒 I mostly get pulled out of hero Showdown or Galactic assault and put into Heroes versus Villains
  • astrotrain101
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    edited November 2018
    another thought I've had from inconsistencies in EoR MM is that they are testing some mega mode where the squad you are in will bounce from GA - HvV - SA or something like that.... I'm not a fan at all but it may appeal to some. Dunno really, just a thought

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    I don't think these are bugs rather its doing exactly what they want
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  • Yes, this happened to me a couple of weeks ago in Hero Showdown. I got dumped into GA between rounds, and in another instance, I went from HS to HvV.

    Haven’t had it happen in any other mode though, and I’ve played a ton of GA since.
  • Yep. Playing GA with a friend and suddenly says that I started looking for a HvV game. Sometimes it pulled me in, other times it left me alone.
  • Yes I've noticed this too, really annoying. MM is so bad, small groups finding a game is broken too, although whiner solo players love this.

    This MM and shutting down servers seems to point to a dwindling player base which can be traced back to EA/DICE ruining the game launch with predatory loot box nonsense and then providing a poor live service with minimal content not really resembling what was sold at launch.

    And no moderators this is not baiting, this is legitimate criticism of EA/DICE spoiling a SW game which is struggling after only year. Not sure how this is even possible. Really getting fed up of it all and I love SW, a crying shame.
  • It's not a bug it's a feature. The game knows when you are bored out of that mode and puts you into a new fresh mode.
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