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Help me uncover this cheater's hack

SWBF 1 on Xbox: watch this cheater dude fly 2X times faster than anyone else who is using speed boost in star fighters; 4 times that of players at normal speed. Everyone sees it, reports it, but he continues to go 60-3 every round even against good pilots. Messaged him and he claims he just getting the power-ups and he just doesn't slow down "as all good players do", which is a lame an explanation as it gets. He also kills in 2-3 shots at full (better than full actually) speed no matter what ship he's in or health level of target. He gets so many kills because he can get on targets instantly and kill them in a quick burst every time. I have followed him in observer mode, it's no misperception. He's shared the hack with his friends. What is this hack???? Please advise.


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