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Focused Feedback: Arcade



  • What do you like about Arcade?

    => Playing offline
    Playing every troopers and heroes for training without dying too quickly
    Testing weapons
    Iden Versio's campaigns

    What don't you like about Arcade?

    => Lack of large scale modes to discover the maps
    Playing the space assault and galactic assault on arcade would be nice to solve this

    What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?

    => Galactic conquest similar to the BF2 2005 galactic conquest

    Any other feedback you'd like to share.

    => I can not unlock some of the campaign's hiden stuff achievements as there is a bug: I first played the campaign offline and it seems the hidden objects I found were saved on my hard drive but not on the EA server... and it looks there is no way to get them again when re playing the campaign.
  • larger amounts and smarter AI would really help. expert level enemies shouldn't just be the same dumb AI with better aimbot. also offline modes that aren't just team deathmatch would be nice
  • I would like split screen enabled on the pc game in arcade, it's unfair that console players get it but we don't.

    We all know it's just disabled as a few modders partially unlocked it.

    So make sure that's included in the next Aracade update.
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  • What do you like about Arcade?

    It's fun in short bursts to learn different weapons, test new heroes and brush up or try new things.

    What don't you like about Arcade?

    A.I. isn't very good. This is accentuated with higher difficultues as the A.I. doesn't get smarter juts deals more damage.

    What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?

    It's be nice to see Galactic Assault and other modes added. Also, programming Hero A.I. would be nice as it would add another level to it. It can be done, other games have A.I. with similar abilities and works juts fine.

    Any other feedback you'd like to share.

    While I know this is a multiplayer focused game (I only play the multiplayer), having more offline options for when the EA servers or Playstation/Xbox servers are offline, or when the playerbase eventually dies down, it'd be nice to have something to play.
  • It needs conquest mode for sure once that becomes available. I would like to see some more maps too. Perhaps pillio, scariff, or vardos from the campaign. Definitely enjoy a mode that allows me to play offline split screen with a friend.
  • Skirmish even if you can't add all of the maps just some would be good

    Vehicles, vehicles, vheicles

    Also some bots just don't seem to hit you sometimes.

    AI heros
  • exactly, most the aracde maps are boring as dicea included the smallest mode sections.

    starkiller base - only inside, no outside like online modes

    naboo - hanger and the very boring throne room, no outside in the streets like online modes

    kashyyyk - on up in the trees only when the map clearly says "Beach" in the arcade menu...again not like what you get to play online (well on blast it is) but big modes are down on the beach

    basically every map in arcade plays like a small blast map.

    lazy effort for single players.

    couple that with the stupid out of bounds and the maps feel real cramped and not "epic".

    starfighter assault is boring, it's just like it was in battlefront 2015, you fly around in circles endlessly, occasionly shooting an enemy.

    rogue leader on the gamecube back in 2001, now that was truly epic and 100% captured the star wars feel. with lasers flying all over, loads of ships on screen and no ***** screen clutter or visual effects.

    aracde starfighter assault needs more background ship battles, more enemies to shoot, more captial ships, less screen clutter and no visual effects like when you zoom weapons.

    old games should not be outperforming new games in terms of content and gameplay.

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  • vi8v7xbn4xia.jpg
    Let Nvidia come up with a good A.I. solution. The only thing that would make Arcade mode premium is A.I. that moves like the crazy chaos in Heroes Unleashed (Or, is this next level thinking?)
  • I would love to see an objective based game with Arcade.
    Even something as small as Strike or a small conquest map like in COD 2. It would be nice to just have a reason to play it.

    I would love to see the ability to add a playlist, so you can chose which maps you want to play, so you don't have to go back to the main menu to switch maps.

    I would love the option to choose day or night. I can't play the night maps due to my vision.

    I really, really want more customization for the troopers. Can we import the troopers from Battle Field 2015, I understand the reason for the clone troopers but I want more human troopers that are not locked to a class. You should be able to play as a man as a specialist or as a woman as an assault or heavy.

    This is one of my very favorite games. My fear is someday people will quit playing online. I want to still be able to play it long after the online community is gone..

    Battlefield 2015 is still my favorite games to play to this day. I love skirmish and survival.
  • I like the ability to play offline.

    Arcade desperately needs a skirmish mode/large scale mode with vehicles and an objective similar to Battlefront 1. An arcade skirmish mode would make arcade complete. (Except for more maps, skins, heroes, and so forth that get added to the whole game.) Arcade without an objective gets old fast.

    It would be nice to have other versions of current maps. Outside maps for Kashyyyk (this is outside, but a map similar to the Galactic Assault version would be good.), Kamino, Crait, Hoth, Starkiller base, Naboo. Playing inside on these maps is ok, but no where near as fun as outside maps. (The Naboo hanger map is awesome, thanks for that!)

    Thank you for arcade, for people like me who don't play online on console (it is expensive) arcade is the best (and only) thing in Battlefront II we play.
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  • SoloShepard
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    edited November 2018
    Would like to have arcade mode for private matches, minimum two real players. And I am not referring to split screen on PC, but multiplayer private match like Battlefront 2 (2005), where you can play on two different computers privately. For instance two real players with bots (npc) to fill in the rest of the missing players.
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  • I'll say it again, the easiest thing you could do to make Arcade better for the moment is allowing 20v20 in any Custom Arcade mode, it's such an easy thing to do and it would add so much.

    And, also, maybe change the Bespin Rebel skins. I know everyone's been saying it but the current Arcade skins for Bespin are just ugly.
  • Would like to have arcade mode for private matches, minimum two real players. And I am not referring to split screen on PC, but multiplayer private match like Battlefront 2 (2005), where you can play on two different computers privately. For instance two real players with bots (npc) to fill in the rest of the missing players.

    This. +1
  • I think that the credits earned per match need to be upped cus playing it 15 times a day is very boring. Also i really want to see most if not all game modes enter the Arcade world because i really like playing offline sometimes. Also i really want to see alot of AI performance fixing, they need to be able to sprint more, roll, use more star cards and use grenades and equipment more also. Maybe even if you play the default arcade version now, maybe be able to select which sections of the map youd like to play. I really wanna be able to play HVV, large map mode like galactic assault, ewok hunt and of course the new mode when it comes out. Anyways, keep up the good work and im looking forward to further improvements and content <3
  • Yea also co-op online play with non split-screen friends. And maybe even a survival type mode like in the first game.
  • Pretty much all of the above from the community
    As long as I can play 2 player with the family and have larger scale battles and objectives
  • In arcade I would like to level up my heroes and hero ships, sometimes it is very difficult to play in multiplayer with a hero and you can not level up

  • It would be nice to have other versions of current maps. Outside maps for Kashyyyk (this is outside, but a map similar to the Galactic Assault version would be good.), Kamino, Crait, Hoth, Starkiller base, Naboo. Playing inside on these maps is ok, but no where near as fun as outside maps. (The Naboo hanger map is awesome, thanks for that!)

    Yes, I agree. Many of the current maps are inside (Theed palace, Theed hangar, Crait, Death Star, Starkiller Base, Hoth, Jabba's palace are only inside and large portions of Kessel & Endor & Takodana are inside too.) Would like to see a few more outside locations too, like the Kashyyyk beach landing zone, Theed streets, Yavin 4 jungle, Endor forest. I think some of the current strike maps would be nice additions to Arcade.
  • "What do you like about Arcade?" - ability to play offline

    "What don't you like about Arcade?" - lack of options for unique modes, 2 player split screen, LAN play, etc etc.

    "What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?" - more modes, more players, better more natural feeling AI

    "Any other feedback you'd like to share." - I think Arcade should have the ability to at least level up something, maybe not everything. Hero starfighters? (or you could fix Hero Starfighters to only use hero ships and get more matches)
  • What I like about arcade:
    -good for practicing/warming up
    -able to try all the cards out

    What I dont like about arcade:
    -lack of game modes
    -no hero AI

    I would like to see:
    -game modes such as strike
    -Hero AI

    Also if there's any way you can improve the framerate for splitscreen then that would be amazing.
  • It would be nice for arcade to allow us to do anything we want. Sometimes i want to play clones on Yavin or see a stormtrooper on kashyyyk. Since its not online i dont think it would matter that we mix and match eras in any way that we'd want to
  • More Split Screen Mode Maps and Games !!!!!!

    When I have friends over it is very boring for them to either watch me play or play on their own on my machine for most of the good stuff in SWBF2.

    Please add more things to do for split screen at home. Thanks!!!
  • It would be good to be sure this was a genuine feedback for implementation and resource committment,not some disrespectfull PR exercise.
  • I like how you are able to test out all the weapons in star cards in Arcade. That is awesome! Here is what I want to see for arcade in order of importance:

    1.) Bigger maps/objectives: The maps are too small. They are. However, with a bigger portion of the map being available to play in arcade, maybe give us a strike type objective to attack or defend. For example, I would LOVE to play the first portion of the map outside on Hoth to attack/defend the base or if you keep it inside have us defend/attack the fuel pipes and ion canon control and likewise with the other maps. It doesn't have to be every map just maybe one per era.

    2.) Starfighter is great but again, an objective or two would be a lights out edition to starfighter.

    3.) This one is a "would be nice" but choosing your legion skin puts that skin on all your AI teammates. I realize this would be for CW only for now unless you guys add skins for first order and the Empire but it would be great to be able to "show off" an entire legion in gameplay for streams, screenshots etc...

    P.S. LOVE that you guys are proactively asking for feedback, this game is turning a corner and still has potential to be the best battlefront ever made. Keep it up!
  • What do you like about Arcade?
    • Every hero, planet, enforcers and soldiers are available to play
    • You can adjust the game rules
    • All star cards fully upgraded
    What don't you like about Arcade?
    • You can't chose which area of the map you want to play on
    • There is no large maps to play on
    • Only 2 game modes for ground combat
    • The Heroes are talking too seldom with friendly soldiers. They most of the time only talk when they use their abilities.
    • Vehicles is not playable
    What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?
    • Larger maps
    • The option to choose which area of the map you want to play on. For example, I can choose to play on the area that uses Kamino Phase 1, 2 or 3 of Galactic Assault.
    • More game modes
    • Vehicles available to play
    • More AI on both sides. Like 20 vs 20 for example.
    • Hero AI
    • AI can use vehicles
    • That Heroes talk more. What I have noticed is that they most of the time only say something when they use their abilities. On rare occasions they say something to their troops. I want them to talk in Arcade like they talk in multiplayer. In Multiplayer they have a big variety and lots of voice lines that they say to friendly soldiers and enemy soldiers. I would like to hear something similar in Arcade.
  • Making the bots able to use enforcers and reinforcements.
  • What is good: customization is off to a good start.

    What is needed:
    1. Smarter AI, not just increased aimbot and damage output.
    2. Open the maps up- way up. As much as possible. For example- the Blast, Strike and Galactic Assault maps for Hoth all connect, so open the whole thing up.
    3. On that note, let us play Tauntauns, speeders, and anything else that can be ridden.
    4. AI heroes.
    5. Offline Ewok Hunt...and any other mode you can give us.
    6. A scoreboard at the end with kill counts.
    7. Capture points. Don't have the AI just come at us like zombies. Have some of them holding points to be captured.
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  • hsf_
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    VaperEyes wrote: »
    Let Nvidia come up with a good A.I. solution. The only thing that would make Arcade mode premium is A.I. that moves like the crazy chaos in Heroes Unleashed (Or, is this next level thinking?)

    They'll over price it if it's made by Nvidia.
  • Copied from Reddit just in case:

    - What do you like about Arcade?

    I have high blood pressure. I can only take so much online play before I'm ready to bust a blood vessel at the sheer shenanigans and incompetence of myself and my team mates at times, so Arcade is a nice relaxing place where I can test out all available characters and weapons for free...!

    - What don't you like about Arcade?

    The AI. It's bad. It's not fun as it's far too predictable. This is 2018, one of the biggest franchises in history by one of the biggest gaming companies at least have AI that can run, jump and roll away from attacks!
    The Maps are too small and limiting. Every few minutes you get a return to battlefield command and screen, annoying.
    Starfighter Modes are not even worth playing, the AI does not even shoot at you. Seriously play Team battle on hardest difficulty and literally don't press a button, you will win the match and barely get hit.

    - What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?

    Decent AI is a must. When that is implemented, every single mode will be more fun.
    Offline versions of every Online game mode. GA and HvV would be difficult, but put in Skirmish and at least have Hero AI at some point would be great. Extraction, Ewok Hunt, Strike wouldn't be difficult at all once that AI has been overhauled.

    Larger Maps. If a new game mode is implemented, please let us have all the larger maps from online. Or at least larger than the current small maps.

    Hero, vehicle, special trooper AI. Arcade is supposed to let you get good before going online, this doesn't work with most of the characters and vehicles unavailable to fight against.
    More customisation. Please let us choose ticket count per team for each match. We can currently only choose total number like 100 vs 100 or 999 vs 999. Let us choose our team with 50, enemy team 100 for example, that way it becomes challenging even with poor AI. At present it is far too easy and therefore, not fun. Also basic stuff that online has like choosing skin mid match, enemies play as different skins,etc.

    - Any other feedback you'd like to share.

    Arcade has potential to make Battlefront II an amazing game both online and offline, a rarity in games these days. Online is improving all the time, please do the same for offline...!

    Thank You for your time!
  • slarlac249 wrote: »
    does anyone think they should seperate the music and only play the music from say prequel movies on prequel maps?

    am i the only one who finds it takes you out of the sw feel when you are playing a OT map and suddenly prequel music starts playing?

    No, I agree. I feel the same. It'd be great if the appropriate music was set to play for each era.
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  • slarlac249
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    ah, cool not just me then.

    The music that plays ingame is very random, would also be nice if they added a few more track for the loading screens as they are very repetitive.

    If i had to say which part of arcade i hate the most, it would be starfighter assault. it's just not fun and they stick the combat area in the middle of debris on several maps, your ship only needs to slightly touch something and it blows up which is just lame, you don't even have to hit something head on, was the same in battlefront 2015.

    my least favourite map is the one with the damaged destroyer, that's a complete borefest of a map.

    They make the 2nd best looking star wars game and still it suffers from the same lack of stuff to do.
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  • Large scale game modes in arcade would make a world of difference. One for ground, one for Starfighters

    Also the ability to change outfit in spawn screen similar to multiplayer would be a great improvement.
  • jonci
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    I use it for the daily credits and for testing cards on characters and for new character testing.
    I would like to see Improved Bots/AI.
    Same stuff and modes as whats in multiplayer so i can practice.

    All cards removed from Max and set to reflect only your actual level , its having them at MAX, i think misleads new players and sets their expectations of their game play too high, and does not give them a correct idea of what to expect in multiplayer game modes
  • Like most of the ideas!

    So i would come with some thoughts which could make versus mode funny too and more enjoyable when playing it alot with friends.

    1. allow us to choose which abilities that can be used - like a timer or just make it able to be turned off
    2. Able to turn on and off blocking (my friend always blocks and it removes the fun - the attack with no defense part
    3. More maps, i like the maps, but sometimes my friend and i gets bored when the maps are all the same or the fact that they are so small... i wish for bigger maps, like the outside of Naboo.
    4. Larger teams 20vs20 instead of 10vs10, it could make the close quatars maps funnier, since there are more enemies! or maybe even higher numbers of friendlies and enemies
    5. add-on the one above - when playing team battle, i wish that i could go alone, while my friend is having teammates, so i could like an Obi-Wan against droids and Grevious.. i wish that i could remove my friendlies and he could keeps his.
    6. Change skins for AI's and the jedis.. - allow friend/2nd player to choose skins or emotes - Since arcade is to show off the game and such --> you already did this with the star cards, can you also do it with skins, allow people to try them out in arcade before buying?
    7. the day and night cycle could be great and/or weather too, so i could make a good rainy battle or such :9
  • Instant action would be a good addition, including large scale maps and maybe some kind of galactic conquest mode in which teams have to capture command posts like the original SWBF2 and the inclusion of vehicles in the game as the smaller arcade maps don't allow for much freedom in terms of gameplay. In other words it feels quite restricted.
  • First of all, thank you very much for asking for Arcade feedback, and giving us extra content (i.e., new maps and ship modes) in the past year!

    What do you like about Arcade?
    - Custom Arcade> Team Battle.
    - Ability to chose map, faction, player.
    - Despite 2 attempts at 'getting good' and playing online (2015 & 2017), I've come to the conclusion that online opponents are too good for this old guy, and prefer arcade.

    What don't you like about Arcade?
    - I pretty much can beat AI 100% of the time at the expert level. Part of the problem is that I play Team Battle 100 kills, and AI keeps up until I get a hero... from there I go from an 80 to 81 score to winning by 30 or 40 kills. One solution would be to have an AI hero on the opposing team.
    - AI pathing still broken on the Jabba's map. This is the first thing I check at every patch release, and it is a bummer to see it still broken.
    - When I have played online in Galactic Assault I am amazed at how cool the larger maps are. Perhaps a second "area" of that larger map could be ported into an arcade map as a solution?
    - Also, the moving animals (i.e., Dewbacks on Tatooine) are cool. Seems like one or two could be be thrown in along with "extras" characters. When you see civilians running in online mode it adds to the experience. The animals and extras characters are not AI or playable anyway, but really add to the environment and would benefit Arcade.
    - While I see the need for revenue generation with skins, it would seem Arcade-folk should be able to buy a skin without having to buy a character unlock.
    What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?
    - Bigger maps
    - More maps
    - Occasional hero opponents in Team Battle
    - Bug fix the AI pathing issue in Jabba's Palace Map

    Any other feedback you'd like to share.
    -Once again... appreciate the feedback solicitation for arcade players.
  • Togafish wrote: »
    When I play arcade it's to earn credits however many it gives. There is some bug when I play that if I select hero's only the first round will let me play through. Then when I select to play again it doesn't let me select anything and I'm stuck with the assault class every time after. I've stopped playing because of it. Don't know if it's already been fixed or not. All around arcade is what it is and if I was more creative I would share ideas. Thanks for a wonderful game

    That bug was fixed last update.
  • Can you reinstate the South African server????

    - Seriously how dare you ask us for money and just shut down our server?
    - Its not our fault the local server is inactive, people have jobs, kids have school you have a lack of content
    - Now that Geonosis drops you pre-killed the South African community by removing the PING site.
    - Do you know how ***** it is to play with 200 PING??????????????????!!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    - Use your brains and utilize OpenAi for bots.
    - I still want to pilot a LAAT that isn't on rails thank you
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