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How Geonosis will end up like (memes)

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    Oh! Almost forgot

    And not only in the game,BUT IN THE MAIN MENU,TOO!
  • Tbh there probably will be quite a few snipers, it's an open map for the most part so people go 'oh look what a good map to snipe on' and equip Specialist. But there'll probably be a decent amount of Heavies as well with Ion weapons.
    OOM19 wrote: »

    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
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  • From gameplay footage I have saw already its really not that bad with specialists, for one sniping in this game isnt that good of a way to rack up point and also you are going to be shot back at since the map is so flat. Plus the sandstorm would make sniping useless for a while.
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  • will be mostly sniping vehicles with ion shot I suspect. lots of cover on the maps for troopers.
  • I heard the At-Te’s health is linked server-side, so if health ever becomes a problem it could be fixed in a day.

    Also the sandstorm fixes the sniper a bit. And it’s not glitchy.
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  • Piscettios wrote: »

    You forgot Kylo Ren and Lando Calrissian running on the field.
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    Me trying to play the objective.
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    Me trying to play the objective.

    Hey at least your trying bud. Some of the playerbase is... Slightly vapid
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    First few matches til people get the hang of it

  • Don't Forget the speeder spam, just takes one to kill Obi-Wan or any saber Hero. Strikes with the lightsaber should instantly destroy them.
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