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Deployment Thread: Battle of Geonosis

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edited November 2018
With the Battle of Geonosis update upon us I wanted to take a moment to share our deployment information.

Deployment Timeline

At approximately 09:00 UTC we will begin the deployment process. We will be releasing the update in phases, per platform.

Starting with PC, then PS4, before moving onto Xbox One. This means our estimated timeline is as follows:
  • PC: 09:00 UTC
  • PS4: 10:00 UTC
  • XB1: 11:00 UTC

For insight into what this translates into your time zone, please have a look here

File Sizes
Estimated file sizes are as follow:
  • PC: 3.97GB
  • PS4: 4GB
  • XB1: 5.11GB

Release Notes
You can find the full release notes here.

There will be no downtime required for this update.


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