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PS4 player looking for Battlefront buddies

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edited November 2018
Hi folks! I'm not a clan so I hope this kind "Recruitment" is allowed. I am a new Twitch Streamer hoping to gain a following Streaming games like Battlefront II and a few others. I am hoping to find some folks to play with that wouldn't mind being Broadcasted as we go. I play various modes but my favourites are HvV - GA - Extraction. If this interests you please send me a friend request at ( Bizerry ) and I look forward to seeing you on the Battlefront!

Thank you.



  • Hey! Just sent a message to you on PlayStation. Just wanted to see if I had the right guy. If it's not my PS name is Gavin0503 so we might be able to play some day. May the Force be with you always! Also I stream on YT so if that bothers you I don't have to while we are playing. See ya!
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