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Focused Feedback: Geonosis



  • I'm trying to play online after the Geonosis update and I'm getting an error message that tells me that if this message reappears to restart my XboxOne (which I have done) and the message still appears. Arcade and Campaign work fine and I am able to play as Obi-wan and use the new clone skins in Arcade.
  • fgg
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    make clone wars maps rotation P E R M A N E N T
  • Looks good but the visibility is limited. Played several rounds but can’t get back to play my favorite maps in Galactic Assult.
  • Feels like its impossible to win as separatists. I spent the whole 2nd and 3rd phases focusing all my attention on the ATTE S and I felt my team was tok but no matter what we just can't destroy them all before they take the zone
  • Feels like its impossible to win as separatists. I spent the whole 2nd and 3rd phases focusing all my attention on the ATTE S and I felt my team was tok but no matter what we just can't destroy them all before they take the zone
  • Ion torpedo not giving hit points on stap

    Atrt will not turn left at times
  • Good:
    Visually awesome
    Fun to play!
    Sandstorm adds customization that’s so cool.
    It’s get chaotic
    Vehicles are a must which I like.
    ATTE are great!

    Phase 1 goes by way too fast I barely ever get a feel of the area before it’s taken
    BARC speeder aim neeks tweeting I would aim at a clone straight on and miss unless you had the rapid fire going
    Need to use spider droids. Kind of dissapointed that there I. There but we don’t get to use them
  • I wish we had more phases of this map.
  • Good:
    Games go on for a long time

    Playing objective feels rewarding

    Played as a hero/villian 4 times (thats a big deal cause im never one of the tip scorers)

    Map looks amazing especially the first phase with all the geonosians flying around

    Feels impossible for separatists to win

    Map is huge yet out of bounds restrictions make the playable map at any one time fairly small

    Spawn locations are of
  • Old_fella_1963
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    ...Played two rounds so far and although predictably laggy it was very enjoyable for GA. Got top of my team probably because I was head shotting the Armour vehicles drivers. That is how you take them out quickly ;-) will play some more. Rarely play GA but this might get me back as more Infantry space and Heroes more vulnerable .

    Take something to drink ...can get awfully dusty in the throat out there ;-)
  • Here we are, almost 9 months since I bought the game and by far the biggest bug in Arcade ( Friendly A.I. bots will only spawn and respawn as Assault Class Troopers when playing Arcade Team Battle's 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4) has not been fixed. I truly don''t understand why there is so much time spent on cosmetics and multiple costumes for characters as oppossed to fixing the real issues with this game. What good is a costume if the game doesn't work?

    November Patch

    1. No Geonosis map in Arcade? No Droid Factory section? There should be Droid Factory map created and added to Arcade, Blast and Strike ASAP!

    2. It seems like Jabba's Palace map was only partially fixed. A complete level that has been unplayable. This should be at the top of the list in the next patch. No excuse. It's been almost three months now.
  • Sandstorm needs toning down a bit that’s for sure
  • Okay, so anyone else having these weird textures where the dust and sand clouds (the small ones as in phase 1), are just flat squares floating towards you? Seems like a texture error of some sort. Maybe updating my drivers will help, but I'm just curious if someone else has this problem as well.
  • One Word: Skinszewxn9f9ihbk.png
  • zakdude100 wrote: »
    One Word: Skinszewxn9f9ihbk.png
    Like them apart for the stupid cartoon ones

  • Probably the best experience I’ve had playing this game. The BARC and STAP speeders could use a little better target acquisition, but other than that I love this map.
    I hope the quality is as great as this for whatever is planned in 2019!
  • Don't know if anyone spoke out about this, but I think there should be some kind of objective points reward for damaging ATTEs, because sometimes people just forget about these tanks alltogether and focus on killing each other. Because there is no incentive in destroying these tanks. Game will only last longer if you don't.
    But this map is really great guys. I haven't played this game in a long while. And coming back and playing this map was unforgettable experience. Thank you. But FIX THE BUGS. Please. Dice. Lightsaber combat is still buggy
  • Love the clone opening
  • Any chance you can fix bobas jetpack bug? Been in the game since beta, getting frustrated when it decides it won’t work. It’s caused by using barrage in the air while your jetpack fuel runs out, sometimes it can just not work when spawning in. I’m a boba main and it’s really bad when your jetpack breaks. Please fix this!
  • Has anyone won as the droids yet if so how because we destroyed the number of AT-TEs and still lost unless you have to kill all of them
  • Has anyone won as the droids yet if so how because we destroyed the number of AT-TEs and still lost unless you have to kill all of them

    Played this morning. I think the AT-TE health may have been increased since then. We had to kill the AT-TEs until they were out of tickets (I'm guessing ten in phase 3) and there wasn't an AT-TE in the capture zone. I'm not sure if a person in an AT-TE outside capture zone can cause it go into overtime or not. This morning, AT-TEs were going down so fast I really didn't pay attention if they were in the capture zone or not.
  • EightMile wrote: »
    seems like pointless chaos
    I am 100% unsure of what is going on at any point of the battle and it appears that everyone else on my team is wandering around aimlessly.

    That's how I feel about GA in general! :D
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  • RDC
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    Need laat on geonosis

  • I LOVE IT!!! Need more maps like it! Actually has a... movie moment feel to it! Kind of like Hoth, all I can say is... 1) more turrets during the final two phases for use, 2) more useable vehicles like spider droids, I don’t know if there was a space battle going on but there should be! 3) make the ATTE a little more health, cause they take a lot of damage and went down surprisingly quick! 4) when is there going to be a strike map of this?
    Other then that... LOVED IT! Can’t wait I play it some more in the coming days! Hopefully this map or a moded one can be added to arcade! Would be fun!
  • The gamenode was a bit confusing. There was one rt-tt but there was 4 on the battle. And when there was zero nothing happened. Apart from that I had lots of fun but please get rid of the waiting be fore clicking on the hero's.
  • That droid commander doesn't shut up
  • lok
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    If you are the separatists,go heavy and use iron torpedo on the atte`s,drops them very very quickly.nearly a quarter of health per shot.
  • Xerogon
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    DrRage0 wrote: »
    Got done playing with some elites, the other team despite being completely squashed they destroyed 4 at te...Not looking very good if your playing solo at all.

    1. Fix spawns on attacking side or defending side, one is little too close and other is just a bit too far
    2. Tone down sandstorm
    3. No one gets on the at te because they are too far away, in general they can be advancing faster because last objective is just a nonsense waiting game for droid side from what it looks like

    It's alright overall


    4. Kyle Ren's frenzy is a joke again

    EDIT: Because I'm already bored of easily winning on droid side even playing solo. Zzzzzzz

    There’s elite players in this game, I didn’t get the memo. Open maps and jump troopers equals easy hundos.
  • When separatists lose why does a droid say "this would never happen tobthe droidekas" is this taunting or hinting?
  • I've played a few games now and I haven't noticed anything wrong play wise. Everything from the map to Obi-Wan and the 212 skins are all done beautifully. The only things I though were a bit of a bummer were General Grievous's skin is a bit overpriced (he did come broken, after all :) ) and Geonosis is not available on arcade mode yet.
  • It is almost impossible to play as Obi-Wan or Grievous, since all of them choose, we should be able to lvl our characters in off-line mode as well
  • sCr0llx wrote: »
    It is almost impossible to play as Obi-Wan or Grievous, since all of them choose, we should be able to lvl our characters in off-line mode as well

    Sometime I wish it would be great if we could use credits earned in-game to level up / unlock / upgrade as another way of progessing. Grievous and Kenobi are the only things left for me to max out and though it's easy to do so in HvV, because they're new everyone is playing them so it's obviously tricky getting to use them all the time.
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    My opinion summary after of ONLY 3 rounds tonight: Not bad!

    Things that don't like me:

    - I feel this map strange.
    - Lack emotion. No epic music?
    - The fist phase has the most beatifull part of this map but it finalize so fast.
    - Many bugs in AT-TE's walking.
    - With Stap is very difficult to aim.
    - The Cutscenes are very dull.
    - The AT-TE are feel weak.
    - The AT-TE are too easy to destroy. You only need stay from a distance.


    - In the last phase the AT-TE location shouldn't be marked in the enemy hud. This will help to a more near combat.
    - OG-9, Dwarf spider droid, Droideka, LAAT, ARC troopers, Geonosian starfighter and Geonosian starfighter should be playable on this map.
    - Few players for a so big and opencast map like this. Please more players in this map!!

  • Franziska_M79
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    Great visuals as usual and I like the sandstorm as its a unique feature and should stay unchanged but the actual gameplay on Geonosis leaves a lot to be desired. I played for about 6 hours today and it got boring fast.

    On the Seperatists side you literally don't need to anything but standing all the way back with a dozen Disruptor NT242's and just spam at the AT-TE's, its almost a guaranteed win. Doing that I haven't lost once today. Clone Specialists have a hard time hitting you at that distance I just don't think its all that well designed and there is no real climax or any kind of final phase either. Spawn locations need adjustments as well and you can get stuck in a few places.

    The map is much appreciated nonetheless, please consider more variants of this for other game modes.
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  • i can't see anything on this map. and it's too open for my liking.
    but each to their own, i think i read that these 2 "features" were intended.
  • Lawnmow3rMan
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    Make the spider droids playable is my feedback. More variety the better.

    This. But overall very fun map and battle. Probably my new favorite GA. Well done. I love all the blaster fire and explosions everywhere. Great looking as well
  • Chrissycole64
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    EoR screen troubleshooting tip: I'm not sure if you play any arcade before jumping into Multiplayer but I do. Every single time I play arcade first, I receive the "Match already over" screen. So the quickest and easiest workaround I use is to quit and reboot the game after I get my daily credits in arcade. Haven't had the "match already over" screen issue since. Hope that helps.

    Cheers for the tips guys! I've noticed rebooting the game does temporarily fix the glitch but I'll try it in the order you've suggested. 👍
  • would be cool if we could try obi wan on other GA maps.
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