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A needed feature that blaster Heroes need.

The ability to crouch. Why isn't this a thing? Just the blaster Heroes/Villains not the lightsaber ones.


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  • and troopers should be able to prone
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  • I think adding hero crouching (just for blaster heroes probably) would be fine. Not really sure why they didn't do it - maybe to avoid frustration when trying to roll/dodge way but getting stuck crouching? Personally I don't think troopers need to be able to prone, often in GA the action is constantly moving forwards so prone would be unnecessary, and I think it encourages camping areas a bit which is fine in a 32 v 32 Battlefield game with larger maps but in a 20 v 20 Battlefront game it is either detrimental to the camper's team if they're not in a good spot or an 'unfair' and very annoying tactic which can't really be avoided.
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    Imagine it

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  • I want to T-Bag as a hero...
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  • Always have wondered why blaster heroes cannot crouch
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