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One Change: Galactic Assault



  • DarthJ
    7079 posts Member
    Map selection
  • To make the Battle continue even losing or gaining the phase 1 ... sometimes I want to play a lot on a map, Geonosis in the case, but I can not because it always ends in phase 1 with my team not letting the other accomplish the goal or not being able to perform
  • Make everything is this game that's over powered no longer over powered.


    Grenades - No longer instant kill troopers
    Vangaurd - No longer one shot troopers unless maybe headshot up close
    Speeders - Do a lot less damage
    At-rt - Have a lot less health
    Laat - Do a lot less damage to troopers, heros
    Star Fighters - Do a lot less damage to troopers, heros
    Officer Turret - Dies when officer dies
    AT-st - Do a lot less damage
    Explosive sentry - not go for so long

    Officer flash would be on this list but you actually nerfed it. The flash is so much better now, feels good.
  • For exampe, when 1 team lost offensive in 3rd(2nd, not 1st or final) battle stage, 2 team start to attack. If the initiative changes often(for exampe 3 times), the last battle begins 100v100
  • A MAXIMUM OF TWO HEROES ON EACH SIDE. Pretty sure this is how it was in the beta.

    GA is great but the moment 3-4 heroes on each side come out the mode and its experience become dull, boring, trash, spammy. It loses its value.This is supposed to be Battlefront, not Galaxy of Heroes. That's what HvV is for.

    Let Heroes Unleashed events (ideally one weekend every two months) be the one that allows GA to have all heroes available, as it offers something different but not permanent.

    this AND cut the Graphics resolution (on Console ) to reduce the lag
  • Unwarycoin wrote: »
    I don't want any drastic changes (no to era restrictions, no to drastically changing maps, no to removing maps, no to limiting heroes and enforcers, not sure about replacing Wookiees, no to all drastic changes pretty much), but the one thing I do want is the end of the spawn timer, so I could get back to the action quicker when I need to.

    To, not too, fixed in italics.
    Never forget
  • Increase player size from 40 to 64 player.

    More maps.

    More weapons.

    All droids/clones/troopers with default detonator and clones/troopers with default sidearm.
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  • I would like to have the opportunity to fight not only on the surface of the planet, but also in space. In this case, the battle took place both there and there at the same time. But it is of course very difficult. And if at all, I would like for more technology on the maps almost like geonosis, then active for the game
  • Voice chat
  • Actually play all the maps. I haven't played on Crait in months.
  • I have a couple..... Hero cue so im not mashing the x button to get a hero, era exclusive heroes, (im tired of seeing rey on kamino, it really kills the immersion) more players, (nothing major, but I would love an all out war mode like conquest. but maybe up GA to 30 vs 30, MAKE HEROES ONE SHOT INFANTRY, ive been saying this since release.... but I love this update and what you guys have done with the game.... keep it up.
  • Here’s my “one change”:

    For all existing and future maps, extend the physical/topographical width and length; adding in more simultaneously active objectives; and add at least one (if not two) additional phases.

    I want GA to feel truly galactic—not like a backyard skirmish. All of the maps can be extended to accommodate this desire.

    Of course, appropriate credit increases should reflect the extra time and effort needed to successfully complete this type of match.

    I want an hour long GA session to be the norm!

    P.S. Thank you for restricting the question to GA. If it had been game-wide, you would not have gained the actionable data you are gathering.
  • Map Voting
  • Have a different way of leveling up hero's. Was in hvv last night as obi one, and my entire team quit because i had him. Leveling up the new hero's is challenging because everyone is trying to be them is a bit frustrating. I Liked the last system we originally had, where u level up and allocate to the hero you choose with lut having to have used them.
  • Best Options so Far (of those mentioned)

    -No spawn timer
    -Hero Queue
    -Map Selection
  • Also, something to force those with Heroes to play the objective rather than sit back and let their team lose would be amazing! Would also help more people get to play as heroes in a match.

    Maybe they lose health if not close to the objective or something like that. Such a waste when players are just hiding trying to preserve their health and not even using a hero for the good of the team.
  • Ewoks on Ensor as an enforcer instead of wookies. It shouldn’t be too hard since you’ve basically got them made.
  • More variant for the galactic assault: A mode without hero, a full on hero mode and normal game mode. Also map selection :).
  • Mercenary playlist option, like they have in COD, where only solo players are allowed to queue for it.
  • for everything to be nerfed but everything i use buffed to high heaven >:)
    I’ll have some of that too 😁
  • Dear @F8RGE & DICE Team,

    Please consider my ONEs Requests :) some already mentioned here previously and in other threads

    1. The addition of Rogue ONE Season to GA which is sorely missing (Jyn, Krennic, Scarif, Jedha)
    2. Maps (Bring back Old Favourites from BF2015, Sullust, Bespin Gas Chambers, Cloud City Walker Assault, etc)
    3. More Maps (Make use of existing game and Campaign assets for Multiplayer, Vardos, Pillio etc)
    4. Introduce more Enforcers to GA (Praetorian Guard, Royal Guard, Honor Guard, Clone Commandos, Droidekas)
    5. Remove the Hero Cap (Allow for 9 v 9 but @ Normal BP Costs)
    6. Penalize Players who are just waiting in the Spawn Screen camping for Heroes or Vehicles and not helping the team (maybe a slow BP Drain after 30 seconds or so)
    7. Increase Player Count from 40 to 64 each side
    8. Bring on the Weather Effects, the Sandstorms on Geonosis were awesome. Lets have Snowstorms on Hoth next!
    9. Bring on the Night, a couple of maps like Crait, Takodana, Starkiller Base, & Hoth don't have Night sky. Hoth was lovely at night in BF2015. Lets have them!
    10. HUTT Contracts for GA
    11. More Tickets to the MTTs/AT-ATs
    12. New Weapons and give the right weapon to the Deathtrooper E-11D
    13. More Teamplay Bonus BP Points specifically for those Completing the Objective, Helping & Protecting the One that is completing the Objective
    14. Teamplay BP Points for Master Yoda Health Buffs & Presence and Assist BP Points for Kylo Ren Freeze ability.
    15. Introduce new and different Game Modes to GA like Supremacy, Conquest style etc to add variety to existing Maps

    Thanks for reading and your consideration, have a nice day! :)
  • Please add bot to galactic assault! 32 player and 32 bot per team :).
  • They couldnt even give us two separate playlists for ga this week due to EORMM. So if you're asking for map selection, you are requesting an end to EORMM as it currently exists.
  • More objectives that require a player to interact with it to activate it.
  • Clone Wars Playlist!!!!!
  • Add more AI starships in the maps then remove the icon that signals which ship is players or AI.

    This will stop the ship spawn camping and since AI don't attack ground units, you'll know which ship is an player when they start shooting at the objectives and ground units.

  • thelasteverjedi
    1650 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    remove teams ability to see each other on the map.

    this is the single most biggest reason why teams are OP and affect team balancing.
  • Remove EOR MM please.
    Versatti wrote: »
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  • Warcat189
    45 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    Have a way to choose or vote on the next game of GA, for example; a vote on Naboo or Hoth, it would be fun to see everybody have a say in the next match! The playlist is fun but... would love to have a choice in the next game of GA!
  • F8RGE wrote: »
    Looking to try something new, so here it is. We receive tons of great feedback, thoughts and ideas from our community and this new ‘One Change’ series looks to take that one step further.

    The goal here is to get your insight into some key topics of discussion. Usually these will be based around conversations we’re having ourselves within the team, so this is a great way for us to ensure we get even more community input.

    As tempting as it might be to list everything you can, please keep your feedback to your most desired change.
    With that said, let’s kick things off.

    If you could make one change to Galactic Assault, what would it be?

    Be available for Arcade mode. Even if the objective have to change (Ion disruptors issue)
    -A convoluted signature

  • Have only one objective at a time so that everybody on the map is at the same place and it's more fun
  • lok
    990 posts Member
    64 players conquest-map selection.
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