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Question For The Battlefront II Community? What Content Do You Want To See In 2019 For BFII?

A question for the Battlefront II community. What would you like to see in 2019? EA and Dice is always listening to your ideas to improve the game. Heroes, Skins, Weapons, Maps, ETC? what would you like to see the most in 2019 for Battlefront II?


  • Maps, rogue one content, maybe something new for starfighter assault
  • WarfareKiller41
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    Clone Wars content, Rogue One content, ported maps and heroes from Battlefront 2015, lots of balancing changes and bug fixes, and Episode 9 content.
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  • Zirius
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    Bug fixing ,new weapons and more CW maps. I'm fine with anything after that.
    Edit: Oh and droidekas :D
  • T0TALfps
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    unit900000 wrote: »
    balance improvements and glitch fixes.

    What sort of balance improvements are we discussing? Tighten the net a little bit :)
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  • Extraction maps, rogue one content and some skins for luke for starters
  • Change to enforcers so the Wookiee warrior isn’t for every light side faction. A new mallee class reinforcement for each faction (generic Jedi on geonosis would be sweet!). And finally maps for extraction, strike and GA.
  • More skins

    More offline stuff

    More characters
  • I will copy my comment from a similar thread:

    More SA maps first. Naboo atmospheric map, Geonosis atmospheric map, Solo's Kessel space map (the Maw), Rogue One's Scarif space map, Jakku's battle map, Death Star trench run. For the ST I don't have any ideas other than maybe a Colossus atmospheric map from the Resistance TV show and maybe Vardos (which would tie nicely with the game's campaign and Resurrection DLC)?

    More Extraction maps and all the 2015 maps ported. Mainly the DLC ones that are hard to play online and impossible to play offline. The other maps that are "similar" to the ones we already have are not that important, but adapting some of them for hunt like they cleverly did for Ewok Hunt might be a great idea. That could also include some Campaign maps that might work well for Extraction (or other modes like Blast).

    More skins until all the heroes/villains have at least 1 of them. Add all the old/young variations of every possible character: old Obi-Wan, old Luke, old Leia, old Han, "young" Palpatine (before his "deformation"), robot legs Maul. More skins for troopers too on all the underrepresented cases: clone officers, imperials in general and first order in general.
    Bigger and better offline modes. We need all the big mode maps into Arcade and proper objective modes. That means the new Conquest mode with decent bot AI and Starfighter Assault.
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  • 1. Two more heroes for ST (Dameron and Hux would be nice)
    2. Heroes locked by era in GA.
    3. Droidekas replacing B2 Super Battle Droids in the droid army
    4. Republic Commandos replacing Wookie Warriors in the Clone Army
    5. More Strike maps (urgent!)
    6. More Extraction maps (urgent!)
    7. Geonosis Petranaki Arena for HvV (with the beasts, if possible)
    8. Appearances for Luke, Chewbacca, Finn, Phasma, Palpatine, Vader and Maul
    9. Shoretrooper and Shock Trooper appearances (maybe for Assault and Heavy classes) for the Imperial army
  • - Server browser
    - 64 players for Conquest and big GA maps like Geonosis/Hoth..
  • Some focus on the other modes and not just GA, especially Strike, Extraction and Starfighter assault.
  • - More maps for each mode
    - Geographically balanced Cargo mode. Two cargoes as BF15 had. No reinforcements or gimmicks.
    - Another infantry options, possibly including a large-scale mode. Possibly Drop Zone?
    - Rogue One content, including heroes and unique game modes. I'd recommend porting the Infiltration game mode over also
    - Add Mace Windu and other important heroes
    - Add Droidekas
    - A successful conquest-like mode
    - Fully customizable private matches to revitalize the competitive community. This would require loadout restriction options
    - Multiple new weapons for each class (including primary blasters and star cards). This includes fan favorites from BF15, such as the EE-3. I'd personally like the Cycler Rifle.
    - Introduce new weapon mods
    - Slightly improve jumping height, as it's currently difficult to jump steps without a running start
    - Slightly increased movement/strafing speed. Seems a bit slow as is. This would improve the pace of pay, adding excitement and increasing the skill-gap.
    - Reduced animation speeds. Another pace of play improvement
    - Reduced squad respawn timer
    - Slightly decrease aim assist against combatants using the combat roll (console only). DICE excessively boosted aim assist against the combat roll after launch. It shouldn't be so easy for unskilled players to kill someone using an evasive maneuver.
    - Improve gunplay mechanics (spread, etc) & make slight optimal TTK changes, focusing on rewarding skilled players while fostering a fast and exciting environment.
    - Stop the unnecessary nerfs. Dedicated BF15 players will never switch to BF17 if EA/DICE continues catering to unskilled players
    - Change HvV to how it was in BF15, minus the troopers
    - Add Heroes Unleashed as a permanent game mode. Since hero fans would have a large-scale option, heroes in GA and Conquest could be limited to four (two per team) or two at a time
    - Add bumper bumper button configuration. This configuration is included in most FPS games. It enables players to aim while pressing buttons. Reconfiguring buttons is inconvenient and clawing is unhealthy.
    - Bug fixes
    - More skins! BF15 had more options.
    - Weapon skins? Is that a reach?

    I'm sure I'm missing stuff
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  • 1. The other 3 original Extraction maps
    2. More GA maps. Like, A LOT more
    3. More SA maps
    4. More OT content in general, but specifically skins for A New Hope
    5. For Luke to be as powerful as Rey in GA. Or at least not suck completely. Cause he does. He really sucks. Bad.
  • wgoBigIsland
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    edited November 2018
    Absolutely need Mace Windu.

    Zombies-like mode in the Geonosis arena. Increasingly difficult wave after wave. This idea would boost the game popularity a ton.

    All vehicles must be fully controllable, especially the LAAT. That really killed me that I could only control the turret. Players like freedom. Imagine being able to use it and pick up your teammates?! Thatd be SICK!!

    Player movement needs to be more fluid and less mechanical. And the environment needs to be interactive. (Ex: the animals on the maps are currently mindless props, and would make better AI that actually interacts with you. Sees you and runs. Runs frantically when you shoot. Realism is everything these days.)
  • stevenomes
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    if they could only focus on one thing...I'd go with more maps for all modes. There were sufficient maps on launch but as we are over a year in now there have only been a handful of new ones if remember: solo season had 2 for small modes, Crait was done at launch but released later to align with season 1, and now Geonosis. The best thing that could be done to keep the current modes fresh is add new maps.

    Strike is in bad need of maps.
    Starfighter assualt I believe has only 5, not touched since launch. Very fun mode
    Extraction is really good, but only 2 maps.
    Ewok hunt, while I dont play this mode and would be fine if it was cut, if you are going to leave it then it needs more support as well.

    in second place for me is more classic modes. bf2015 had cargo, extraction, sabotage, drop zone (this mode was lit), droid run, blast, hvv, hero hunt, walker assualt, supremacy, turning point, battlestation. bf2017 has a decent array of modes but would like to see some of these oldies but goodies brought back. especially large scale modes where right now the only option is GA.

    3rd is more guns. same 4 per class since launch. it's time for more, 1 per class would be nice. none of the guns feel fun to use, just adequate
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  • In all honesty... there is alot of house keeping that needs to be done. Quality of life gameplay changes. The netcode is awful, too many bugs/glitches, and nurture the new large map gamemode. Please dont add more content until the game operates better. Galactic Assault is really *meh* with no real excitement.. hopefully the new conquest mode fixes that.
  • Captain Rex. I even have a poll set up.
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  • rollind24
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    More maps (mostly looking at you Extraction and SA) and some sort of Large Scale Trooper mode
  • Padme
    More maps
    Bug fixes
    Lightsaber combat reverted to pre 1.2 update
    Speeders reverted to pre-Geonosis update
  • More starfighter assault, much more. You guys are hard programmed against flying when it's one if the biggest parts of Star Wars.
  • Lightsaber combat improvements.

    Maps. ( new maps but I’d love the freezing chamber & Scariff from the 2015 battlefront also )

    Skins. ( characters like Luke & maul really needs some )

    Some more offline content for the people who don’t play online. ( I play online a lot but you can’t forget about those who don’t )

    Bug fixes. ( don’t really have to explain anything there )

    Blasters ( I’m more of a HvV guy but we do desperately need more blasters in this game for the other game modes )

    Lastly more heroes ( I’m happy that we’re getting / got obi wan , grievous , Count Dooku & anakin but I’d love more heroes after this.

  • Raices
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    More PT movie heroes: Jango, Mace, Padme.

    Hero Blast

    Hero balancing for HvV and GA
  • My reply from another thread but it seems appropriate here.

    New maps, large and small, for all eras and modes. The addition of some ported maps, large and small, from SWBF 15 would be greatly appreciated. The refinery, pipelines, CFC are some great CQC maps. Some great WA maps, Sullust, Hoth, Bespin and Endor would be fun to play again with the changes from this game on those "classic" maps. The addition of campaign maps to multiplayer modes. All modes need new maps and in a more timely manner.
    More blasters, weapons and abilities for all classes. Miss those contracts from Jabba.
    New star fighters such as Obi Wan's Delta 7 for a LS hero star fighter and Grevious Soulless One as a DS hero star fighter. Might as well make the Delta 7 available as a standard star fighter. The much requested B-wing and TIE Defender added. LAAT and U-wings off the rails. TIE Heavy, TIE Reaper and TIE Striker added. The Q-wing and another Millennium Falcon. Did I mention more maps?
    More armor.
    More destructible items available in GA maps, like those available in the campaign. I'd like to be able to shoot tanks/drums/canisters (Dioxis) that temporarily releases smoke or toxins once they are destroyed. Maybe kill an enemy trooper or two in the explosion or the let the dioxis eat away at their health. Or just to destroy objects on the map for fun.
    Activate droids scattered throughout the maps. If we can't activate them, well... then please see the request above this one.
    More storms.
    Additional reinforcements types.
    Jyn/Krennic/Dengar/Greedo/Flapjacks face Hue Hue
    Fixes for bugs and exploits.
    Stats (I don't care about k/d, just ptfo)

    Finally, an X-wing pilot skin for Luke.
    Yes, of course more skins for other heroes, troopers (Shock, Shadow trooper, TIE pilot, Y-wing, A-wing, AT-ST, AT-AT pilot skins) and yes , skins for star fighters/vehicles, but lets get that X-wing pilot skin for Luke first. As I commented in another thread; Luke killed more storm troopers in his x-wing skin than any other. Fact.
    The above would keep me playing this game until the servers go dark.
  • Adi_Gallia
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    Speeders reverted to pre-Geonosis update


  • CallMeDeee wrote: »
    More starfighter assault, much more. You guys are hard programmed against flying when it's one if the biggest parts of Star Wars.

    I’ve tried many times to get into it. Loop-The-Loop simulator just ain’t for me.
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  • More PT maps. Umbara, Utapau, and Ryloth would make a fine addition.
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  • Speeders reverted to pre-Geonosis update


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  • More PT maps. Umbara, Utapau, and Ryloth would make a fine addition.

    What about dathomir? It’s another very unique planet
    Top favorite heroes and villains missing:
    Ahsoka, Rex, Padme, Cody, Mace
    Ventress, Bane, Thrawn, Jango, Savage
  • For me, I want all clone wars. I realize it’s only fair though to see some RO content too (not that I don’t like RO, I just prefer CW). Still, the last game had a RO season and clone wars is the big thing right now after years of Disney barely acknowledging it, so the majority of content being clone wars is still fair.

    Ahsoka/Ventress and Padme/Jango are almost definitely coming, as they should. Coruscant too, probably. I’d also like to see, depending on how much is possible (trying to keep this fairly realistic but also optimistic), Mustafar, Mandalore, and Umbara, as well as Rex/Bane. We should also see Jyn/Krennic and Scarif, which ought to have all of the old maps (including the SA map), but also one including the citadel tower since it was so important. And I imagine we’ll be seeing Poe/Hux and a planet, Batuu perhaps, for episode 9.
    Top favorite heroes and villains missing:
    Ahsoka, Rex, Padme, Cody, Mace
    Ventress, Bane, Thrawn, Jango, Savage
  • T0TALfps wrote: »
    unit900000 wrote: »
    balance improvements and glitch fixes.

    What sort of balance improvements are we discussing? Tighten the net a little bit :)

    Removal of EOR MM for one.
  • From the Ole Republik Darth Revan , Malgus
  • More PT maps. Umbara, Utapau, and Ryloth would make a fine addition.

    What about dathomir? It’s another very unique planet

    Ehh, maybe as HvV but not GA.

    There was no Republic/Seppie confrontation there
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  • 1. I would like Old Luke, all of the old skins actually.
    2. Poe, Hux, Ahsoka, Dengar, nien nunb, Greedo, Krennic, Jyn, and Ventress.
    3. Way more maps.
    4. new starfighters.
    5. All the skins listed in my thread.
    6. Bug Fixes.
    7. Ewok Hunt to be expanded into a full Hunt mode, with Wookiees on Kashyyyk, Droids on Tatooine, Gungans on Naboo.
    Give me an Old Luke skin, and we will be best friends. He is the only one I plan on buying with real $. :-)
    Poe/Hux Concept Ideas:
  • I would love to see in 2019,

    More heros including Qui Gon, Mace Windu etc,
    Galactic Conquest offline ala Battlefront 2 2005 which i still play constantly on my ps2.
    Playable spider droids, tank droids etc especially on Geonisis. Playable Geonisins on this map would also be a gigantic plus
    More maps and game modes like SWBF 2015 has. Cargo anyone?
    Heros era more darth vader on crait or Naboo for example.
    Server browser
    More troopers such as the arc trooper.
    Continuation of the campaign, i loved the campaign but its way too short. Please consider adding to it.

    There is more I would love to see but this list is the most important for me at least.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.
  • Zach
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    I’d love to see updates to the current maps with new objectives, new vehicles, and changes to how the maps flow. Small updates to current maps could go a long way to creating a fresh experience.
  • 1v1 Heroe Duel mode online. Please please please. Some of the best intense moments ive had are rare 1 on 1 hero fights with other players. One of which lasting 15 minutes. So fun. They are rare currently and it would be cool if there was a mode just for that. Also id like to see some legends characters like star killer
  • ross42899
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    My personal wishlist for 2019:

    - large offline mode with vehicles on all maps
    - new GA maps [Scarif & Utapau]
    - more Extraction maps [BF2015 Sullust Extraction maps]
    - more SA maps [Death Star Trench run & Scarif & Coruscant & Starkiller Base]
    - Bespin Carbon Freeze chamber map for small modes & Arcade
    - new skins for Luke & Maul & Imperial Troops
    - gender skin options for most factions & classes (except Separatists & Republic)
    - new heroes/villains: Ahsoka & Padme & Jyn Erso & Krennic & Ventress & Jango Fett
    - new weapons [at least one additional weapon for each class]
    - more general bug fixes & Arcade AI improvements
  • Lawnmow3rMan
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    Mace windu, ahsoka, jyn, krennic, cad bane and Ventress. Skins for Maul, Vader, and Luke. Mustafar and scarif. Bug fixes. New reinforcement units for the lightside. Blasters from 2015. Hero AI as well as large scale battles with bots in arcade mode. The ability to play private matches in arcade with the people in your group.
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  • unit900000 wrote: »
    balance improvements and glitch fixes.

    Definitely a great idea for 2019.
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