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Improving existing maps

Geonosis was definitely worth the wait. But playing it actually made me want more out of it, and out of any other map for that matter.
This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'd like it if, instead of working on new heroes and new maps after Anakin, Dice focused on making the actual battlefront a lot richer. Work on the Geonosisans as reinforcements, the Spider droids, the LAAT (which were a big part of the battle of Geonosis). The same could be said for a lot of other maps, like the Snail Tanks in Kashyyyk.
I know this is stuff a lot of people have been asking for for a long time, but Geonosis really was a wake-up call to me, it felt more like an actual battlefront than any other map before, and it made me realize how desperately we needed all these elements that'd make for all-out war.


  • And correct me if I'm wrong, but there can only be four heroes on a team at the same time in GA ? If so, maybe Dice can remove cross-era heroes for OT, and then PT when all the new heroes come out, and just keep it around for ST. I get why they did it at launch, but since we'll have enough heroes for a team, I really don't see the point anymore
  • I like the first idea, but not the second.
    Never forget
  • Move the turrets around so the defenders can make better use to their advantage on the big infantry mode
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