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New concept for skins: addons/accessories

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edited December 2018
Sooo basicaly addons can be free or can cost less than 20k credits,but it's all about what the addon is..
Some examples of what can addons be like:
-Luke's hoth skin can have addon to remove his helmet and same for his x-wing skin if it ever comes out,you can remove helmet,whuch would be awesome!
-Vader's default skin can have addon to add red lenses from rogue one
- Since Cristmas is coming,all heroes can have free for limited time Santa's hat

What do you think?
Maybe a Dash seal approval?
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  • I have an amazing idea:
    Addon for Leia's Boushh skin to remove helmet!
    That would be sick!
  • Clusterwatch
    165 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    I quess nobody is interested... :disappointed:
  • Good idea, more customisation is never a bad thing. Slight caveat from me though... NO helmetless Stormtroopers, especially Stormtrooper Grannies or blonde pony tail swingers. (Unless it’s a client side only option)
  • GreenMarc
    348 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Love that idea for heroes, but that santa's hat rubbish would be awful. I Always wanted Leia to have her helmet removed with the Endor appearance. They have the model for the hairstyle already (it was the Default one before they changed it to the comic accurate hair).

    And I thought that making them a seperate skin would be a bit too much, so that "addon" thing your suggesting would be perfect. I'd say 5000 credits for the addon, like Chewie's bandage also costs 5000.
  • JohnWick
    53 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    a Santa hat? Are u serious? No. Just, no

    [Edited language]
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