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Community Transmission: December Update & 2019 Awaits



  • Will Vaders force choke work again?
  • TheScape wrote: »
    The armored officer looks great and it seems visually distinguishable from the other classes.

    About the saber combat... I hope there is more stuff than just that on the prototype. Maul will be unstoppable (since he has no stamina), Rey will be close (since Insight makes her have infinite stamina) but Vader will be an issue. Right now his Rage ability still depletes stamina, although you are not really seeing any effect to it during the ability. Once the ability wears down, a lot of people will have 0 stamina, will be unable to attack and will wonder what is going on.

    Yes, good point
  • No attacking after stamina depleted? Seems a bit drastic but I guess we’ll have to see how it turns out. Overall good work but would love to see some more hero balancing and improvements.

    So what do you do when you run out of stamina if you can't block or swing? Seems like all there is to do would be run away or hop around til stamina is full again. More promotion of cowardly tactics SMH. Bad idea. Why even have stamina. Just kill switch it if it's gonna mean you die or run Everytime you run out
  • awakespace wrote: »
    no attacking after stamina depletion is quite concerning and I'd say a poor idea - saber users will be especially helpless around blaster heroes...

    Lando is gonna become a tank after this
  • Armored Officers? Canonically updated cosmetics for clone troopers? More Hero reworks?

    Have I died and gone to heaven?
  • So excited for tomorrow! And I really can't wait till 2019 now!
  • Armored clone officers!!!

    Clone wars Kenobi skin!

    Words cannot express my excitement.
    “I find that answer vague and unconvincing.” – K-2SO
    "In my book, experience outranks everything." - Captain Rex
  • Armor on officers freaking finally thank you this alone makes me want to play more.
  • There was a time in this month December, In Kamino I was clone trooper and was able to teleport to my teammates while on the battlefield
  • The funny thing is when I was low on health I was able to teleport to my teammates who were not being attacked.
  • and being able to pick a hero in GA (Does this mean we can change out hero star cards during this time?)

    ??? Please explain this part
  • What you can’t hit when your stamina is low then my OP General Grevous will be next greatly. Oh no. My favorite hero is getting a neft.
  • Hrafn_Fel wrote: »
    Armor on officers freaking finally thank you this alone makes me want to play more.

    Look like arc troopers. I feel like officers should look more like captains and we can have clone pilots and arc troopers as reinforcements.
  • It is a great update...........................except for the fact of no geonosis map for blast or arcade. @F8RGE please tell me this is coming in January.
  • johnny_mercury
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    edited December 2018
    Unless I missed it, I didn't read anywhere that said the AT-TE"s mobility and getting stuck in the terrain was being fixed?
  • Greviouse gonna be op in HvV
  • Good stuff. Would love to see a saber only HvV mode. Especially when Dooku and Anakin drop. Would be so nice to worry about being stunned and having awesome duels ruined. We may need to have a clear out of some of the lesser played game modes.
    We also need more maps. Especially for GA but even smaller modes. 3rd phase crait and 1st phase Geonosis would be ideal in some capacity. Also utilise the maps from the campaign.
  • F8RGE wrote: »

    Yes, armoured Officers are confirmed.


    As we move forward we are also investigating the ability to have a secondary emote wheel that focuses more on gameplay related communication such as “Cover Me” and “Defend Here”.

    Looking forward to both of these things..... And maybe a No hero weekend in GA????? Hint,hint
  • NO PLEASE!! Don’t include that drained stamina = no attack mechanic in the game, it will ruin lightsaber characters in GA, they’re already vulnerable to lots of blaster fire and what about the characters that run out of stamina fast??? For example Grievous.
  • Empire_TW wrote: »
    So when people say that EoR MM is crippling the game it isn't turned off

    When people want the Target system removed from HvV nothing is done about it

    When people want Cargo nothing is done about it

    When people want more Star Fighter assault maps nothing is done about it

    When people want more extraction maps nothing is done about it

    When people want more skins for Luke Skywalker nothing is done about it

    When people want Hunt mode expanded upon nothing is done about it

    When people want more blasters nothing is done about it

    When people don't like maps being restricted it is announced that maps will be restricted in the future


    When people complain about how a certain trooper looks something is done about it...

    Great to see where the priorities are.

    Hey they are listening to the community.
    As long as it’s an easy visual fix or change.
    Battlefront II has a 11.3% chance of success.
  • The most stuff sounds good for me.

    I'm just a bit worried that saber-hero gameplay will be messed 2019 with the first changes and we need to wait for more patches until it works again then...

    "The biggest change you will notice with this is how attacking heroes will no longer stagger backwards upon hitting a defending hero. We’ve also made the change that once a hero has run out of stamina, they will not be able to attack."

    Not attacking when stamina runs out sounds like breaking the fun of playing saber-heroes completely to be honest.
    If they don't improve the stamina pool massive, then this will destroy the gameplay.
    But even so... It's just stupid when i stay in front of my enemy and nothing happens when i press the attack button.
  • This sounds like good new and we appreciate you taking our feedback into consideration. Have to say I'm worried about Grievous and the fact you brought back his attack from behind bonus. Currently he is SOOOO OP in HvV and requires basically NO SKILL to use because of his attack spam (which mostly due to the current saber combat system) is unblockable a lot of the times.

    His saber swing speed is wayyyy to high imho, all a bad player needs to do is just spam the attack button and sonner rather than later he will just break through another saber user's block.

    Even without this spam he was able to 2-shot heroes from behind when he had this bonus, which is ridiculous. It's great that you fixed him abilities, but all in all I really think currently the game is not better off with Grievous in it especially HvV.

    To sum up:

    1. I think Grievous' attack swing speed should be greatly reduced, about 50%
    2. Also significantly reduce his bonus damage from behind, 2-shoting heroes is ridiculous no matter the circumstance.

    @Community: If you agree please try to support these changes, as it really saddens me that instead of being happy a new hero has been added to the game, I feel sorry he is available...
  • DarthJ
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    edited December 2018
    Fine with the changes coming with this patch - Obi-Wan fixes are good, Grievous extra damage from behind is good. Blast spawn timer was needed so hopefully it revamps that mode a little bit. And good to see a temporary fix for the spawn exploit!

    I like TCW but never been a fan of the armoured Obi or Anakin look so generally indifferent to that skin. Will probably pick it up with credits at some point.

    I think my biggest disappointment to this CT though is the 2019 awaits section. Dont get me wrong, the officer armour looks cool and is needed. But the saber combat sounds like it will promote hanging back heroes even more with the no stamina can't attack part. No stagger is good but no stamina? Hmm.

    And the emote wheel....I havent saw anyone request it.

    If these are the 3 things you guys are promoting for 2019 I expect another paltry year for content. You could have even said 'we have plans for 2 new large maps, 4 new heroes and 4 new blasters to come' or something like that. Drums up hype. Instead it makes it look like you have none of those essentials planned.

    And trooper customisation - was hoping to see at the end 'and plenty more skins on the way'. But its just officer armour and clone battalion fixes. Not exactly promising.

    Hopefully I am wrong but...
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  • Oidmetala wrote: »

    Not attacking when stamina runs out sounds like breaking the fun of playing saber-heroes completely to be honest.

    If mindlessly smashing a button is fun for you...
    For me strategy is fun, so I think this is the best news by far
  • I love this game, it looks awesome, and it's Star Wars... so I love it..

    The only problem that I have is that from last Friday 07.15.2018 (, I can't play it in multiplayer anymore.. Due error 101... And believe me, I didn't changed anything on my system.. And the connection work's fine..
    I wrote on the HQ... No answers. I wrote a contact email... No answer...
    If the server is the problem on which the system connects me... Then give us the option to choose the best server for us. And to see how many people are there.. Like in the old times.. At least like on BF3-4..
    That I think should be nice...
  • a dodge bar? very dodgy!
  • Seem very good. :)
    A question: is Obi-Wan base attack fixed? (the first hit some time don't register, and same for the vibration on the pad) I presume yes, but it is not reported here.
  • Sam3S
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    edited December 2018
    Not being able to attack after stamina depletes is going to make heroes sitting ducks in GA. Very, very bad move if you ask me.
    Good job with the skin, it looks beautiful
  • Psy3d
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    Vader still locks up on choke animation and drops like a brick on focus rage in air ...kylo's frenzy is broken and unchanged and even more useless. Now Obi can even block Kylo's fremzy and trash him. This update was all about obi. Thanks DICE...what a way to end the year!
  • F8RGE wrote: »


    This guy is missing his pauldron. The kama is not enough. Please take the pauldron off the specialist and give it to the officer.

    Thank you
    Alone against all these droids....? Hmph... they don't stand a chance.
  • This game is getting better and better as time passes! And congrats for the good communication 😃
  • GoodBytes wrote: »
    F8RGE wrote: »


    This guy is missing his pauldron. The kama is not enough. Please take the pauldron off the specialist and give it to the officer.

    Thank you

    No. This isn't ARC trooper, is a officer.

  • I have play mostly Blast at this game. But I am very sad to implement the squad system in Blast. Because the players tend to become a crowd. I think that it is fun of Blast that each player moves around separately in a narrow map and beat the enemy in various place. :/
  • vidic1
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    edited December 2018
    This update has broke the servers! I’m on Xbox and the servers are down I dunno why but you are taking the now, every single update you mess something else up being it a glitch or buggy characters. I thought dice is a big studio how does this happen after every update.

    [Edited language]
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  • AnakinButtsniffer
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    edited December 2018
    I love the update and changes however, I enjoy this game mainly offline and feel that a few more game modes, extended map areas, and more ORG SWBF maps should be considered being added in. EX: (Sullust) EX: A mode where players can play as BB-8 and R2-D2. But my main request is to have the ability to play arcade with via friend or family member online. Split screen, its cool, but being that I live so far away from my family, I can't enjoy SWBF II privately facing AI with them. Please give this request of mines a consideration.

    Thanks for this great SW game, you guys really have improved!
  • Love the update and the news....the team is doing amazingly.

    I hope that the light saber combat does get improved with these new updates.....however I'm worried that with no other changes than what is mentioned so far it's going to be hard for the defending side to attack when blocking. I am glad they are getting rid of the stagger because that was awful. It would push everyone apart from each other and make it difficult to attack back. Little worried about the not being able to attack at all when stamina is out, but this could be the thing that is needed to balance certain characters from going on nonstop button mashing attack rampages and making the game less realistic when it comes to saber combat.

    Also hope that you fix the emotes and hero conversations with the emote wheel update because the emote wheel sounds awesome, but currently emotes and standard conversations don't always work between characters.
  • Oidmetala wrote: »

    Not attacking when stamina runs out sounds like breaking the fun of playing saber-heroes completely to be honest.

    If mindlessly smashing a button is fun for you...
    For me strategy is fun, so I think this is the best news by far

    Well did i say that i like to smash buttons mindlessly?
    i guess not.

    This changes are fine when the stamina pool gets increased.
    But if not it will clearly break the fun massive.
  • This update, will prove itself to be of value to the Sith Empire
  • Think you guys at EA could make it where we can use our heroes abilities while in the air? I’d love to be able to jump and force push in the air...

    Luke can
  • I'm impressed that you guys actually are listening now. There was a long period where I don't know what was going on and it was very alienating to the game. I think that was a solid move that you switched Obi-Wan's abilities over, because it was just aggravating the other way, out of habit with Luke's abilities. So far you continue to make more changes that are based on collective feedback, and that's the way to go.
  • Fan-freak'n-tastic news! This update has turned out to be quite substantial with a lot of important fixes and awesome improvements. Obi-Wan's new General Appearance looks incredible, and all the little tidbits of what 2019 holds for BFII has me extremely excited!
    "All wings report in."
  • Everything looks great except for the lack of stamina affecting weather a saber hero can attack or not. How many swings does it take to kill another hero? About 4? That's if you hit on every single one? All it takes for a blaster hero to do is roll and dodge maybe 2 swings and they are golden. IMO, this will be a significant nerf to sabers in HVV. Perhaps there will be additional changes to saber combat to balance this out? Higher damage output? I'm hoping the changes to saber combat are not going to be limited to what they talked about.
  • In regards to the clone skin fixes, I am wondering if the wolf pack helmets will be changed to the standard helmet of the 104th. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the helmets are currently based on Sinker. Either way I am glad to see the clone skins receive fixes.

    If that means removing the wolf symbol on the helmet, I prefer the one we have now.
    Anyways, I like most of these, but I think prefer the old emote system, since it's easier to use at any time. Also, I don't like the idea that running out of stamina means that Jedi won't be able to attack at all.
    Never forget
  • Oh and I still hate the idea of removing the target system.
    Never forget
  • i don't see the officer skin, i don't think i got it for some reason and yes i updated my game
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • Thanks for reading bug report about score exploit, seeing 200k+ scores with 1 or 2 kills was annoying at best! BTW, it would be cool to see much higher score bonuses for the following, trooper, officer and specialist kills, single handedly on heros, vehicles and objectives, an over 10 kill bonus and please count kill assists towards weapon training milestones. 400 clean kills to upgrade a weapon is just pure grinding, when I finished all 4 classes of weapon grinding, I seriously considered retiring the game . Out of an average of 20 kills per game I was only seeing 1 to 4 kills counted towards weapon milestones . Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays everyone !
  • i don't see the officer skin, i don't think i got it for some reason and yes i updated my game

    What officer skin? The one there say is coming in 2019?
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