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Move the stamina bar to where the weapon cooldown bar is.

The stamina meter could be moved to where the cool down meter is for blasters. It would be easier to keep track of since we already know where to look when our blasters are overheating.


  • No move it back to the reticle. there was NOTHING wrong with the original I have to look away from where I am aiming just to see my stamina. I don't know what's going on at dice...but they need to get it together. they are horrible at their jobs
  • Both are in the middle of the screen that's where it belongs. Not at the bottom
  • Both are in the middle of the screen that's where it belongs. Not at the bottom
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  • I liked the old system with the reticle much better. Now it is hard to see the stamina bar, and it also detracts from the target.

    There was also nothing wrong with the reticle, I really liked it. You could see your stamina and the targeted enemy at the same time. Now you cannot. The new stamina bar is just worse, no matter where it is on screen.
  • Please get it there, or give us the option to choose which meter most suits us. Stop making embarassing decisions DICE. Your knowledge about gaming is very low tier with all the mess and bad changes you've done through the course of a year with this game. Getting an important aspect of combat that must be tracked by players while chaos ensues, and moving this aspect to a far away spot and reducing it's size is one of the worst development decisions you've ever made in this game.
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