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Poor galactic assalt game play

Several maps unplayable. Server is the issue,not the internet connection


  • Are you Xbox One? Same issue as of today. I've never had problems in any form of multiplayer until today. All other game modes work fine - Galactic Assault is unplayable for me today (hence why I'm here and not there).
  • Yeah the servers can't seem to handle 40 players anymore. Starfighter assault works really well still and it's only 32 players, so I think the servers are having a hard time handling the 8 extra players now. With all the updates both client side and server side that dice has made in the past year.

    I've been getting really big lag bombs in a lot of the GA games I have been playing lately too. It's starting to become much worse than the lag issues the game had at launch.....which were bad!
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