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How Space Combat Should Have Been in SWBF II

Video pieced together showing flashy gameplay from Star Wars Rebel Galaxy. Unfortunately, the project was never approved. Nice graphics and uncluttered HUD.


  • SWBF2's battle system is better, but this UI and atmosphere is nicer.

    DICE could fix that by making more open, non-linear starfighter maps with capital ships flying about. Make them feel like actual cruisers rather than just objectives.
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  • The UI for Rebel Galaxy is from a few years ago, so it probably borrowed components they had from SWBF. I just wanted to show people the splendid and flashy looks, especially on the engines of the Millenium Falcon. Makes me feel a bit cheated with SWBF 2 since we know what they are capable of in terms of graphics.
  • Alex64
    7020 posts Member
    SA is dead at the bottom of the oblivion well, that's sad.

  • I like the SA gameplay and mission design. I don't think they should change anything major in regarding of gameplay or UI etc. However they need to add way more maps/scenarios.
  • SA got a perfect Star Wars starfighter combat feeling. Combat is fast, fun and exciting. And in general pretty well balanced. Probably THE BEST MODE in this game.

    And the graphics are awesome.
  • I like SA in SWBF II much better than SWBF. The controls and abilities were revamped, and It's so hard to get a shoot down in SWBF. The old crosshair reticle doesn't help much.
  • Starfighter a definite improvement on fighter squadron and when it came out and upto about 3 months ago i was completely enamoured with SFA but now its been left to rot for so long i am soooooooo bored of all of the maps.

    So its all GA and HVV with the odd match of Extraction or Ewok hunt for me.

    Im hoping conquest meshes the best parts of SFA with GA so we can unite the two communities in one server. But i dont see it involving too much starfighter combat. There isnt enough people who seem to play SFA anymore. The few times i do play i struggle to find a game.

    As for people who spawn in the sky on GA... most fly like its the first time theyve been in a cockpit and have no sense of what to shoot at. Most try to farm the ai if there are any.

    Only map its pretty much impossible to wreck in the sky is if youre the imperials on Hoth and thats only because the rebels can and pretty much do always have 1 a wing. 1 xwing. 1 y wing and a snow speeder and the imperials get an interceptor a tie and a bomber. Plus unless any of your wingmen are good you have no chance. I can engage 2 maybe 3 people in the sky. Ill get one of them and maybe get one of the others to crash by flying creatively. But with all 4 youre just a sitting duck.

    But yeah sfa is dead mate. So fingers crossed conquest features good starfighter combat.
  • SA is a vast improvement over SWBF 15 FS. All the mode needs is some new maps and a couple of new star fighters, B-Wing, Delta7, TIE Defender, TIE Heavy. Some star fighter skins would be welcomed as well. A shame that the second largest and most balanced mode is not a focus of the dev team.
  • Andrien
    194 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    They could definitely use more maps, and at least the B-Wing. Not sure why they ever left that out as it was featured in one of the SW episodes.

    I think the reason why there's so few playing SA right now is because Obi-wan was released not too long ago. Some players may still be trying to get his star cards maxed out in HvV.

    As much fun as SA is, I am just glad there's more of a balance between GA and SA in this game, because space combat killed SWTOR. Too many players would join queues for space combat instead of warzones.
  • hsf_
    1817 posts Member
    It does look nice, but it doesn't look very noob friendly which will make the casuals hesitate to play it. No lead aiming reticule, the auto-aim doesn't look very sensitive etc. All good things in my opinion, but the casual fan base won't want t put the time in to get good.
  • You should try doing space combat in Kerbal Space Program.
  • You should try doing space combat in Kerbal Space Program.

    If it's anything like flying in War Thunder, I think I'll pass. It took me hours to figure out how to get my flaps just right for take-off w.o crashing. When you finally managed to get the bird in the sky, players were met with the "pilot knocked out" message. I guess all planes in WW II were aces and had super accurate bullets.

    Actually, I am waiting for Star Citizen but that's not going to happen anytime soon LOL.
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