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Darth Vader Fan-Film (Must watch) (Professional)

A youtuber just posted this video yesterday, It's amazing, you must watch it now.


  • I really loved it, definitely the most professional Star Wars Fan-Film to date. Star Wars Theory poured all his love into it, can't wait for more!
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  • It was amazingly done. I've always wanted content with Imperial Clone Troopers, Republic-era ships flying Imperial colours, Lord Vader hunting down the last surviving Jedi with the 501st Legion, etc. I easily rank this fan-film higher than anything I've seen from Disney, and I do rather like Rogue One.

    I'm extremely excited for the next episodes. I can not imagine the quality of these films he is bringing us if he had the budget of, say, The Last Jedi.
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  • I’m curious to see where it will go. I was definitely surprised on how much it focused on story, you don’t really see too much of that in other fan films.
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  • Just came here to post this. Amazing FREE SW Vader movie to date.
  • so this is canon?
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • so this is canon?
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  • westgreateight8
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    so this is canon?

    and i fall for another fan creation
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
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