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November Community Calendar

The Road Ahead, Part 8 — June 2020


June 2020

Dennis has said in the past that some seasons would have no heroes, some none and some up to four. Well, as the twin Suns of Tatooine set on the Clone Wars I think this is the perfect "season" to add four essential Clone Wars/Prequel heroes to the Battlefront. It's also time to maybe add one of the fan favorite maps from the ORIGINAL BATTLFERONT 2 (2005). First up, the heroes...

This time around, there are four highly requested—and essential—heroes/villains to be added. Contrary to popular belief, heroes do not need to be added with immediate counterparts. The Devs have said as much, and as evidenced by the solo additions of Grevious, Kenobi, Dooku, and Anakin (four heroes released without an immediate counterpart) it's not a requirement to have a villain to counter the hero in THAT update. Plenty of existing heroes can counter other villains and vice versa. So with that in mind, we should see:

MACE WINDU + appearance
The Jedi Master was a huge part of the Prequels and the Clone Wars Series. But as the second most powerful Jedi on the council next to Yoda, this fierce warrior has earned his place. Besides, it's Samuel L. (Mynock-Flying) Jackson.


QUI-GON JINN + appearances
Some will argue against him, but he was THE main character in The Phantom Menace, and arguable the most influential Jedi on Anakin's life (even if it was just for a short time). If not for Qui-Gon, there is no SKYWALKER Saga.

The deadly Bounty Hunter and clone wars fan favorite deserves a place in Battlefront 2. P another duel wielding villain is cool as hell...

Rex was a stalwart of the clone wars, the 501st, and is a fan favorite who will be right at home taking down clankers across the Battlefront.

This season gives us the opportunity to see some old heroes in a new light... Epic appearances for...

OBI-WAN (padawan)

ANAKIN (Padawan)

MAUL (Hooded from TPM, Cybernetic legs from Solo/Rebels)

Another addition to Hunt Mode would be welcomed and make sense practically...


Map—Kassyyykk (Tall Grass)

Scenario: Battle droids invading the Wookie home planet have underestimated the Wookies. In the dense early morning mist on Kassyyykk, a squad of battle droids are on a mission to eradicate the wookies, armed with their infrared flashlights and standard issue blasters. But they are quickly overrun, and have to deal with a planet full of angry Wookies before their transport can arrive and take them to safety

I've left this for last because I'm least confident in it coming, but I think we could get one final Prequel/Clone Wars map before 2020 is out. If so, then it's down to either Mygeeto or Felucia and I'm hoping that it's...

One of the most beautiful and deadly locales in all of Star Wars, Felucia would look amazing in Battlefront 2...

That's it for the Clone Wars/Prequel content. Not bad when you look at the grand total of CW/PT content (at least according to my plan). The rest of 2020 will be spent with some old friends. But not before we take one final detour with some new ones... Part 9 next.


  • I love this but what's up with 3 heroes to 1 villain? And the month before was 2 villains to no heroes?
    Top favorite heroes and villains missing:
    Ahsoka, Rex, Padme, Cody, Mace
    Bane, Thrawn, Ventress, Jango, Savage
  • I love this but what's up with 3 heroes to 1 villain? And the month before was 2 villains to no heroes?

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed that.

    Well, I think that as long as the total number of heroes and villains match up when all is said and done I think that's the goal. In one DLC there's 3 heroes 1 villain, the next 2 villains. All told that's 3 Heroes and 3 villains in the last two Road Ahead posts. Since the game modes only allow a certain number of heroes in the game at a time there shouldn't be a problem with this.

    The individual content drops don't HAVE to match 1:1 H:V. Every hero/villain in the game has heroes/villains that can be an effective counters to them. It just depends on what the players in that particular game mode select, you know? Like if the hero side in GA picks LUKE, REY, OBI, YODA, they are at a disadvantage from range against a team of Iden, Phasma, Boba, Bossk. Close up they're toast. It just depends. I like the idea of not matching up H/V every time. Especially if it gets us the characters we want(and those who should be in the game).

    Shouldn't be limited to 1:1 all the time. That's the way I see it anyway! But thanks again for saying you liked it.
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