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New to EABF2: Lobbies

I just can't understand the decision making that went into the lobby design for this game. I search forever to find lobbies for game modes like ewok hunt and starfighter assault. I finally get into a game and have a GREAT time. Then the match ends and I'm stuck into an empty lobby where I have to wait 15+ minutes to get another game in! This is unacceptable! I was just in a lobby with a ton of people. Let us play another game together.

OR give me a SERVER BROWSER and allow me to queue up into an already full game. I'd rather wait for a few minutes for a leaver and join a full game already in progress than wait 15+ minutes to get into an empty game. These are problems that you have already solved in other games. Why is it so difficult to properly address in this game????


  • MCA26
    175 posts Member
    Sorry you purchased this game under the misunderstanding that it actually worked. Those of us who paid full price has known for 6 months that it's a dumpster fire and 80% of the game doesn't work. The gaming media for some reason ignores it.
  • jonci
    1007 posts Member
    Lol and you also joined RGF
  • jonci wrote: »
    Lol and you also joined RGF

    Lol, I actually founded RGF for swbf2015 and can't figure out how to change my name on the forums
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