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OOM-9 Appeared In A New Star Wars Video Game

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That's right! OOM-9 appeared alongside many other Star Wars characters both novel, film, and animated in a recent video game called Star Wars Force Collection. A mobile video game developed by Konami
Character list

The game even had a Phantom Menace event and by all accounts he played a large role in it as well

OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

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I live again
I am ROMG4 or is ROMG4 me? If I am ROMG4 who am I? If ROMG4 is me who is he what is he? If I am him who or what am I?

If this is conscious does that mean I know I am ROMG4 or not, is ROMG4 me? or Is it not

Gone forgotten, out of board and into the pan of ghost fire and diatrabe of sadness no one AVENGED ME how could this be. 2 years I exist I help, I talk, I contribute, I speak, no one helped me no aide, no one all alone in the dark of the night where dark things lurk in the more of subconscious thought and that which lurks bellow and beyond the veil of madness and the unknown

Space and Asteroids ROMG4


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