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When your team is losing and your heroes are hiding

It’s so annoying to me when our team is obviously struggling in GA and people with heroes are not being strategic or brave for the team. They don’t sacrifice themselves for the team like I do.

Sometimes people might continue to get many kills, which is helpful of course, but many times these kills are not directed in the right area of the map and we fail to get the objective. Other people with heroes must hide in a corner of the map doing very little because they never die yet have very low kills/scores at the end.

When I have a hero and I see that our team is about to lose if we don’t take over an objective point, I will gladly go into battle aggressively and strategically in that specific area to help my team. I seem to do this all the time in GA, and usually after I get in there with my hero, the other troopers on my team start to take over the objective point. I usually end up sacrificing myself or severely draining my health, but that’s fine if the match is extended and we are able to proceed to the next area for a possible victory.

Many others I see have heroes the whole match but we still lose. It’s like, what are they doing? Obviously they need to be more aggressive.



  • thelasteverjedi
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    Just now I was rey. Revealed the entire room with the obj that needed pressing X for a minute or so. Went in to clear the 3 guys that was there. Only to find everyone else left the room to go back to the corridor behind. I'm not kidding. I was left all alone. Not one soul fit company.
  • I like to play my hero in GA aggressively if possible (likewise in HvV). However, in many cases when I want to rush or hold an objective, I find myself completely alone and then quickly taken down. You start running along with a few troopers towards the objective, but a few moments later, when you've arrived, you turn around to find yourself utterly abandoned. It seems most of the times teammates have no clue.

    So many times (also with normal troopers) I managed to almost capture a point or take down another hero...almost...if only I had had at least ONE trooper to support me.
  • On the same token troopers barely clear a room out with the hero but the hero leaves when enemy troops still coming in.

    Naboo is bad about it go in w/hero clear room. someone pushing the button enemy troops coming threw the door and our hero is somewhere but not here in the room or the little hallway being a door stopper.

    Now if I am at the Obj as a hero and no one is near me I push the button but as soon a trooper comes up I let go and defend the point. Seen some heros if they are pushing the button they will keep at it even if tho room is being flooded by enemy troops and there is other button mashers there.

    Now some maps I can understand. One that comes to mind is star killer base 3rd phase right side big open room. Had a Leia that ran in drop shield and mashed button it was me and another trooper there defending the stairs so they wont run into the shield and shoot Leia.
  • jonci
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    Its the same in Star fighter, Hero ships damage objectives more than normal ships yet people are scared to use them in case they are killed, though makes little difference to their life span really as people gang missile and laser them anyway, increase the points for objectives gives them an incentive to objective attack n it adds to the XP, so win win.
  • Kenobi_Dude
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    Glad to see I’m not alone in my frustrations. Like I get it, some people don’t get heroes/the ones they prefer often. So they play conservatively during a match.... while slightly lame that is different than when we are actually about to lose and the trooper reinforcement numbers are dwindling down. Its especially frustrating when I have thousands of BP and if they only died, I could do some decent damage for our team.

    Just happened yesterday evening on Kamino.... we couldn’t even secure the west landing pad as dark side because no one was over there fighting except me and a couple other troopers. And the east was already secured so there were tons of clone troopers and a hero. Maul and Greivous were just running around the map or maybe hiding with no plan. Luckily one of them died and my Bossk saved the day mostly alone with a few troopers near me (at the expense of Bossk dying). Then right as I die and we secure it, I see Grievous running up to the landing pad... like really :expressionless:
  • bfloo
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    Heroes on my team hide when we are winning too
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  • bfloo wrote: »
    Heroes on my team hide when we are winning too

    Well that is true, but less annoying for the team because we don’t really need them anyway at that point.
  • That Phasma camping next to her droid in our spawn...
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  • i hate it when this happens
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • It doesn't frustrate me as much as it once did. I've grown to accept that sometimes I'm going to have bad teammates.

    Those selfish or cowardly heroes are secretly double agents in service of the enemy forces.

    I fight on.

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