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What are your top 3 most annoying bugs?

If the DICE Genie granted you only three wishes as to which bugs to fix, what would you pick? (not balance changes!)

Mine would be.....
1. Vader choke bug (I admit progress has been made here)
2. Wookie Overload ability not working consistently
3. Kylo Frenzy not tracking consistently

This may help to consolidate our feedback somewhat more in this area.
Happy Wishing!



  • Those bugs have nothing on blocking & shooting while laying on the ground
  • Easily the total loss of block bug.

    Honorable mentions go to what I’ll call the dodge bug and hit detection bug. I don’t believe dodge and hit detection are intended to be as bad as they are, so I believe it’s either the result of bugs or server lag.
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  • Lee1981
    1985 posts Member
    Force powers not working

  • Relmets
    2222 posts Member
    1. Any time there is any sort of change to the mobility of your character (e.g. affected by CC, equipping sentry on heavy, etc) you run the risk of losing your movement speed permanently. If you sprint your character has the same sprinting animation but they move at turtle pace.
    2. Not being able to fire your blaster after meleeing, if it happens you need to melee the air again to enable it
    3. Force push clearly connecting and doing damage to targets but not knocking them back
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  • 1. Iden's Pulse cannon not charging "jamming"

    2. Wookiee Warriors and Chewbacca shooting through Stuns

    3. Not sure if it counts as a bug but this games godawful hit detection
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  • 1. block bug
    2. force bugs
    3. orbital strike bug
    alternative=when you get stuck
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • quenaelin
    935 posts Member
    edited January 11
    1. Match Already Over No Data
    2. Exploitable Map Glitches
    3. Force & Abilities bugs
  • Mosquitos, easily

    They are up there with gnats to be sure
  • Hunters_94
    40 posts Member
    edited January 14
    1) Orbital strike bug
    2) Boba’s jetpack bug
    3) Stunned people able to shoot at you
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  • jonci
    1016 posts Member
    Roven2012 wrote: »
    Mosquitos, easily

    They are up there with gnats to be sure

    No flies on you 2 i see.
  • Mosquitos, easily

    the devils spawn...dice must have created them...
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • 1. Losing block.
    2. Force powers not working.
    3. The rest of the game.
    1. Losing Block
    2. Losing an ability
    3. Returned to menu inexplicably
  • 1. Force Powers bugs
    2. Exploitative map section such as Yoda in the wall death star 2
    3. EOR Matchmaking, that's a bug right?

  • 1. Strike Spawn Bug...increases in frequency with Lag
    2. Melee Bug
    3. Hit detection
  • 1- Allied vehicles showing up as enemies when firing (This was fixed once and then came back, ugh)

    2- All ability bugs (Looking at you flying Grevious as funny as you may be)

    3- Melee bug when trying to fire Ion torpedo to damage Walkers/MTT
  • d0kRX
    1425 posts Member
    edited January 11
    1. Strike Spawn Bug...increases in frequency with Lag
    2. Melee Bug
    3. Hit detection

    This is exactly what I was going put down!
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  • MC_XIX
    1803 posts Member
    1) losing the ability to block, yet stamina still decreases when holding the block button
    2) losing an ability until I die. Happens too often to Grievous' Claw Rush and Boba's jetpack.
    3) Phasma's droid being immune to lightsaber damage
  • 1. Arcade end of round no data.
    2. Slow movement after deactivating heavy sentry mode early.
    3. Block bug for saber heroes/villains (e.g. death by button mashing).

    Really hard to choose just three. Honourable mention to the orbital strike bug, boba’s jet pack bug, and when firing the ion canon melee strike bug.
  • 1) Strike - Package appears at original location despite being picked up,
    2) Strike - Unable to disable a bomb on the objective,
    3) Defuser not defusing explosives while I am literally on top of them. Defuser not defusing Barrage despite showing the graphic, playing the sound, and giving me points.
  • 1.Getting stuck on random items.
    2.Fix the slight delay with literally everything, from jumping, to shooting, to popping a shield, everything has a delay compared to the last game.
    3. Hit detection/hero abilities.
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