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Snail Droid on Kashyyyk?

As stated in the Title, I found a Snail droid on Kashyyyk, near the Right corner of the Separatist Spawn.
It was classed as friendly (as in, when you hover over it, it shows you the health of the vehicle)

While writing this it also just zig zagged away towards the enemy.

Anybody know if this is a bug? or some kind of hack? or are Snail Droids really coming to Battlefront 2?


  • There gonna come in Battlefront 4
  • They've been on that map since launch, but they're simply cosmetic. They're glitched too, I think. Most of the time they just roll up the beach and take a hard right, then mosey off into the jungle in the Out of Bounds area, but sometimes they'll float and glide up the map. I wish they were the Armor class on that map instead of the AATs. I really like them.
  • TX_88
    19 posts Member
    Why can’t we charge in like this & the MTT’s follow up after for reinforcements?
  • TX_88
    19 posts Member
    edited March 6
    Same scene after the Snail tanks land these dwarf spider droids emerge from the water firing, that’s pretty awesome!
  • SWymsa
    823 posts Member
    There's also destroyed snail droids that appear in the sky when you are flying out over the water in a starfighter. A bug obviously, not sure if it's known or reported but don't care tbh.
  • These must be playable in the game.

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