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Now who here for the sake of honesty bought the game for full price when it launched? Do you feel cheated? .... Well I FOR SURE DO! I checked origin today and the game was 4$!!!

Where is the respect and recognition for support a company I care about ... LUCASARTS. We put trust into dice ... all we got was a slap on the face.

So I demand for the sake of the community to give us tiers of membership depending on how much you trusted Dice.

150$ + - free 60K credits every month. 40 crystals, and 1 choice of legendary skin every 4 months.

100- 140$ - free 40 K credits every month, 30 crystals, and 1 choice of epic skin every 4 months

50-90$- free 25 K credits every month, 20 crystals, and 1 choice of rare skin every 4 months.

Likewise the tiers would have an optional item that you could equip on your hero, this would multiply the XP, and credits earned by depending on your category 1.5-10X.

Now any package that was 50+ would get Free DLC, expansions, and season passes.

Now any package that was 100+, would get to design their own lightsaber or gun, and be able to use them in live matches. This would be drag and drop from a mini game. All other packages have to pay 40-80 crystals [ depending on package] to design one.

Anything under 50$ can not use this, unless they pay 100K credits and 1000 crystals


  • Hahaha... oh my. You paid a higher price because you were an early adopter... that is your reward. Should I be able to go to Honda and demand compensation because the 2018 model I purchased my wife the week it was released is now cheaper than it was when I bought it?

    Anyways... good luck with your demands... I'm sure with all the leverage you have on them, DICE will stop at nothing to ensure you are satiated!
  • Haha ok.
  • April Fools isn't for another few months!
  • Man, as much as I like free stuff, and this idea, DICE isn't doing any of this, they are going to lol and leave, if they even do that.
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • This is so ridiculous.

    That being said, I paid $120 CAD for the game. It is now $10. Ten Dollars.
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  • Boy...
  • What are you planning to do if they refuse your demands?
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  • d86e0g8e20j1.jpg
    "the early bird getz a lightsaber to the throat"
    every game and gadget has its thorns... got to have it first... got to have the best of the best... be prepared for sadness a year later when the prices go down - or, the new iPhone XII arrives with the crap they should have done 10 years ago?
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  • Ha ha ha ha ha. What did I just read?!

    The only thing you’re a member of is the entitled generation - a top tier fully paid up member.

  • bfloo
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    Do I feel cheated, yes.

    Not because of the price drop, which I'd expect. I preordered, we're 14 months in, no one would pay full price now anyway.

    I still feel like this game was a bait and switch. Everything was better in the beta, then they changed hero counts in ga, the number of rounds in strike, balancing to the lowest tier of players, bugs are getting worse instead of better. I only bought the deluxe version because of the loot boxes, which I would never buy, but I thought live service should get at least an extra $20 of support, fooled me again.

    After this experience, I wont touch another Dice game for about a year after release, I can't even tell what I'm buying at launch. Watching the BFV debacle, I'm glad I've held off. If you think we have it bad here, they preordered then a month in the game was 50% off.
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  • LOL to the Honda question yes I would expect you to complain.

    I am not entitled as much as i am abused by dice. It is kind of scummy a bit, because these rewards are a little greedy fine. But is not getting any good content in a year, and not getting fixed bug fest I think is ridiculous.

    So if they can be ridiculous and get away with it ... we should to! Demand what you want to reduce the unfairness.

    What would I do if they don’t? Nothing just whine about it ... what could I do lol, but if the community backs me up maybe we all benefit.

    So let’s whine together
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