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Gamescom 2019 Triple XP
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...from a certain point of view.

From the outside looking in this is thee most worse displays of greed and hatred geared to frustrate fans and users alike. In recent play I've exsperience d and transcribed overwhelming evidence of cruel a vindictive tactics redeployed by the very devolopers of our beloved franchised titles such as Battlefront II spanding across the board of ALL but majority of Publishers currently in the game of stealing, cheating, and practicing unlawful business Normals... It is not ones lack of skill nor the digital paper doll multimillion dollar lack of SKIN that results of an unnlanced unrewarding unsatisfying match. Its the fact that we the GAMER did our best played by the rules and you choose not to... In the near future all will be exposed and we shall see how has the last one up!


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