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Table scraps

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Dooku is a solid villain to use and I love his animations but does anyone feel that it's a bit poor that we've been hyped for one playable character and a map that should of been dropped at Geonosis release.

Feel like they are just tossing us a few table scraps here and there.
The Geonosis drop should of had all of these aspects.. Not filtered in and made a feature of.

It's not entitlement, nor is it ungratefulness its just a desperate want for a complete experience thats not in drips and drabs anymore.

For those that love Fighter Assault, we've had nothing but 1 hero ship since launch every hero should come with one in my opinion.
oh and a game mode that should of been in at launch..

No more Strike or Extraction maps
This game is so frustrating because it could be so much more!!

But I still love playing it.. just gotta keeping on hoping.. Just like last time.


  • Degener8
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    People were too cheap and complained about season pass. People couldn't accept that whales would and advantage with loot boxes even though it would subsidize free content for all. Dice didn't have skins ready for a backup monetization plan. We're lucky to be getting any content imo.

    I think your probably right, they definitely had a season to season plan as we got the first one for Ep 8.. But that went out the window with the loot boxes again probably due to funding.

    I personally don't mind season passes, IF its worth it, I had it on BF 2015 and the content was reasonable.

    But I agree.. Due to the outrage culture surrounding the last game and the fact it was communicated that it split the player base (although I always got games on PS4) we were left with the original loot box model.. Now this.

    I think they are most likely in a position that if they don't do something it just reinforces the fact that they have completely mismanaged the franchise they were given to develop EA wouldn't allow that, so we just get a few bits here and there, a new map here and there.

    There's that new game mode coming up, let's just hope its as great as it sounds and there's more to follow into 2019.
  • yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table
  • SrawDawg wrote: »
    yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table

    What else can you do.
    Its not like there are loads of other Star Wars games to play instead.
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