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edited January 24
Your matchmaking system was the downfall of the last battlefront. people spend more time waiting and trying to get into servers then actually playing the game its ridiculous that this has not been addressed. right now ive spent an hour trying to get into any online game mode, any at all but i cant do you know why? the matchmaking system puts me in an empty server every single time. can you please add a server list so at least we can see if there are any populated servers instead of waiting blindly not knowing if anyone is even playing the game. it makes soo much more sense to add a server list aside from matchmaking system. i hope people who read this agrees with me and continues to put pressure on the devs to make this happen. it infuriates me because it is an awesome game, an expensive one too and i cant even play the damn thing 90% of the time.

Dont let this be the death of BF2 aswell! learn from the first one and dont make this same mistake. add a server list!


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