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Roadmap Upadte

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Is there any word on the Roadmap update? The last thing I heard was that it's possible for something to arrive by the end of 2018 but since then can't find any info. Can't wait to see what's after the CW!


  • Same thing. I was gonna start a forum on this, but once i seen your post, i can post here instead.
  • d0kRX
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    Empire_TW wrote: »
    They might have kill switched roadmaps

    Maybe they even kill switched the whole game!
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  • Seriously getting a little ridiculous
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  • Plus 10
  • Ppong_Man12
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    Yep, silence can be deafening. We’re coming up on the end, (Anakin update), imo. They haven’t listed anything past that point and only a few skins and maybe heroes have even been insinuated. It’s also around the same time they dropped the last game, but they had bf2 in the works and it had already been announced.

    If it is the end other than a few skins and heroes that’s fine, if they’re gonna continue to work this game they should announce it imo. If a battlefront 3 is in the future an announcement would be nice.
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  • Alex64
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    When you are rolling on another videogame roadmap
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  • good to see people replying. I thought I was the only one that noticed XD
  • They couldn’t hold true to Seasons. So, they got rid of them. Can’t hold true to a Road Map? She gone.
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  • I can’t hear you over the deafening silence
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