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February Community Calendar

Check it out!



  • I like the sound of fast, vicious strikes as slow animations kill a move.
  • New mode? no? Pliz
  • Dark Mode sounds interesting... I assume you mean “all ground modes” only though?
  • DarthJ
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    And the new mode isnt there....
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  • Hmm, I guess @Darth_Vapor3 was right all along. It's good I didn't have any expectations, anyways.
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  • New game mode??????¿????????¿
  • Moxx
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    CeymalRen wrote: »
    Check it out!


    Can't help but be a bit disappointed. No Era Locked Hero Event? A Clown Wars Rotation? Not particularly exciting.

  • Moxx
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    edited February 2019
    Where's that guy with the "I SLEEP" meme when you need him.

    Also, thanks for posting AFTER the first event is ended.
  • DarthJ
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    @Empire_TW your sleep meme has been asked for
    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • Cadoth
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    Moxx wrote: »
    Where's that guy with the "I SLEEP" meme when you need him.

    Also, thanks for posting AFTER the first event is ended.

    You mean @Empire_TW ?
  • No good news!

    A new delay in Titan mode would be lamentable!

    The worst is the lack information without a doubt be intentioned.

  • Grateful for the new character, but the game is still fundamentally lacking without the epic game mode, be that a refresh of Walker Assault or a new Capital Ship/Titan mode, and an Online Multiplayer Arcade option.
  • ... new game mode?
    What about the larges scale mode and capital ships takedown???

    (Roadmap from 2018)

    Ähh .. yes, that’s a good question!

    We need this!!!
  • Where is the game mode??????????
  • Hold on...

    Where is the new mode?
  • Any sign of that new game mode we’ve been waiting for fl**ping ages to hear about?
  • Figures... Dice/EA sucks. They've had months and its delayed again.
  • **** answer this desperate community for **** sake, it's a joke
  • TheScape wrote: »
    Hmm, I guess @Darth_Vapor3 was right all along. It's good I didn't have any expectations, anyways.

    I was thinking the same thing.
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  • This is getting uninstalled. Furious with them
  • they seriously delayed the things I was most looking forward to?
  • When they said there was more content after February I didn’t think they meant one recycled event tbh
  • OcDoc
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    I can handle the delay but not even a comment is ridiculous.
  • IcedFreon
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    edited February 2019
    Hahahahahaha end of the month means 4 maps for 3 days. Jesus....
    Why is "celebrating" always coinciding with less content?
  • Hopefully they didnt include the new mode in the description there since there isnt enough space. Thats what im going with since it also doesnt talk about the skins, despite the next event clearly indicating we are getting them
  • are you kidding ??? another double xp weekend / night only maps / clone wars era with 1 new hero and new skins ??? no new mode in feb ?? no new GA maps ? no new extraction maps ? this is very frustrating. see you maybe in march . these roadmaps with cheezy events are ridiculous. i love this game and played more than 800 hours. i need new stuff, not events.
  • Night Ops says Double XP awarded for the whole event. Does that include HvV, SA, Hero SA?
  • I sure hope that the new game mode hasn’t been postponed til the March. The only excuse I will take for this is if they are working on extra maps for the mode.
  • February calendar and it's only February 4th. not bad
  • xSloky
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    edited February 2019
    EA says: We will release a new large Game Mode.
    Playerbase: Really :smiley: ?
    EA does Jedi mind trick: No, these are not the truths you are looking for.
    Playerbase: :neutral:

    However, I am very curious about Anakin. He is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. I am very happy that the chosen one is involved. He is more important to me than the new mode. :smile:
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  • I wish they could just release the Kraken and get it over with.
    Give us all the new modes, heroes and bugs all at once, sick to death of this drip feeding. Hold the bugs of course ;)
    Or just pull the darn plug already. Getting tougher and tougher to keep playing.
  • "I say patience."
    Anakin Skywalker
  • He sounds like he'll be an awesome character. I am pretty worried not seeing the new mode here though. :/
  • Where is the new mode we've been waiting for this the most
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