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How to not run a business



  • t3hBar0n wrote: »
    EA is routinely one of the most successful companies in the industry... I think they have the business side of this down just fine.

    Take fifa away from EA they'd likely go bust,
  • TheScape wrote: »
    There is a reason they are moving away from dlc season passes and to this "live service" and contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with player bases or splitting the community, it's cheaper for them to add in gambling and reap that then drip feed things to make it seem like a live service otherwise it wouldn't exist, 40£ for 4 map packs etc is not a guaranteed sell and you have to produce it regardless, "live service" is very specific wording and not used lightly as it leaves us with essentially a promise

    I never thought of it like that but it makes sense as a business from their point of view. "Live service" means a dynamic stream of content, but it doesn't have to be specific. The amount may vary, you can change course in the middle and there are always hooks for micro-transactions. It also means they can pull the plug easily on a game because there were no promises made (like when you bought a season pass). It also helps sell that idea if the content is free.

    They are not bound by anything so can put out a little as they choose with no repercussions and still rake in the money with loot boxes is the intent behind it all
  • GranularAni9
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    edited February 5
    Last year EA stock peaked at value of $148, they are currently sitting at value of $88 (-40%), if that isn't a decline than I don't what to tell you.
    EA's customer neglect is driving down demand for its games, leading to heavy discounting for many of its new releases soon after launch, plus add in the mismanagement of valuable IP's resulting in significant shareholder value destruction.

    Insiders are selling stock heavily. Why would they do that if they believe price appreciation is likely?

    One upside though, the short sellers have been having great field days. 😉

    Aside from all that (clouded by my emotions), I still have hope for DICE. With the small community events, at least they're trying something.
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  • EA_Cian
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    I'm locking this. This isn't really a conversation about SWBFII and just people debating company revenue - things not related to the game.
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