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Heroes vs villains balance

Heroes vs villains mode needs repair. Some characters can block attacks of 4 characters at once and others kill them with one attack (Bob).

However, it is annoying when you are the only one alive, you are attacked by 4 enemies and suddenly you become the target.

If this can be experienced somehow, imagine the fans who play this mode to ruin others. He is the target, he takes the worst form and runs alone on the opponent.

Where is the balance?
Why can not you report a second player?
Why is there no possibility of voting for throwing away a player?

This is what is missing from this mode.

I do not greet :)


  • bfloo
    15524 posts Member
    The problem with every mode in this game is there is no team balancing.

    90% of the time it is a blood bath, in every mode.
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