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Is Extraction going to be touched upon in the foreseeable future?

I know you guys have nothing as of now. But is it even somewhere in 2019?


  • SVEJ
    1162 posts Member
    you can literally add extraction to all the maps but I don't know why DICE doesnt do it. Costs resources and time I guess, not sure why DICE doesnt do what the community wants but instead gives us some dumb Emote Wheel. Thanks DICE.
  • I sincerely doubt it will receive any attention.
  • Lets hope it receives some love this year, it's an awesome mode.
  • Devs let it die just like most of this game
  • I am about 99% by sure they are done with this mode and won't be expanding on it. It's best to go forward with this assumption so you cannot be let down.

    Back during the summer, I had convinced myself they were going to add at least one BF2015 Sullust map to Extraction when they released the Sullustan Assault skin. I've learned my lesson about expecting good things from this game. I just enjoy it for what it is now with no expectations.

    Well at least we have 30 clone skins and an emote wheel on the way......
  • Played it this weekend. It was really fun. Especially because it's a trooper friendly mode with an objective. They have the template for Sullust already. At least add that, like they did with Jabba's Palace. Give us the Palace Garage map, Sullust, and some variety!

    Though of course I wish they would stretch their imagination and create some new extraction scenarios (Han/Frozen in Carbonite/Bespin), I won't get ahead of myself and wish for basic things that seem so impossible and painstaking for them to implement. This is DICE/EA here.

    Just give us the recycled BF15 extraction maps (sigh), but it would add variety here to a much needed degree.
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