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Idea: Let us have an extra card space

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edited February 11
What if we could use four Starcards instead of three, would this break the game?


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  • I think what would be ideal would be to have the HOK cards relegated to a passive ability, as many people have suggested in the past, so that we don't have to waste a card slot on the HOK card and would therefore have another empty slot for other cards we want.
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  • If you look at the EA BF2 page, there are 3 ability slots and a "combat boost" slot when you look at the classes. It was that way on the page since launch. It looks like it was going to be more like BF2015 and they changed it to what we have now.
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  • I'd rather we had the chance to carry another weapon from another class. ... Run around with heavy gun and officer pistol for example.
  • Less is more ....then you have to adapt...makes your a better player
  • The point of limiting card slots is to make card choices more impactful... adding another slot decreases this further and will require rebalancing... not interested in them wasting time on it.
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