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Bossk jedi jump need to be removed

Wtf this **** can jump like a jedi pls fix this


  • You mean you DON'T like the bunny-hopping, game-breaking annoying way every Bossk player plays Bossk? Spamming his floaty gravity-defying jump to make it hard for basically anyone but the 'lol git gud' crowd to hit him, with him occasionally drop a load of mines or a toxic gas cloud midair to screw up with any attempts for Jedi to deal with him?
    Sarcasm aside, I completely agree. Floaty non-stop-jumping-floaty Palpatine is infuriating and makes for a lot of cheap cheesy Palpy players, but at least he has a good reason to defy the laws of physics.
  • Bandicoot
    942 posts Member
    edited February 12
    If bossks jump was removed he would be the most spongy and useless hero in the game, same goes with palpatine. If this ever happened his gun would need some tweaks to stop him getting melted by virtually everything.

    Of course there's the alternative, bossk having a realistic high jump but falling at a normal rate, good luck trying to hit him then.
  • i agree from a purely canon point of view that his jump is too good for a non force user.
  • Wow, you're struggling with Bossk and his jumping?

    All you have to do is look for a pattern. Do yourself a favor and never play complex fighting games. I don't want them watered down like this game is becoming.
  • He is one of the easiest heroes to kill. Just send the player a message to stand still cos you can't kill him.

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  • He definitely jumps too much, but if I'm not mistaken, reptiles are good jumpers - so it'd make sense he can jump high.
    Commander Cody - the Empire has Iden, the First Order has Phasma. Give us a soldier-based hero for the Republic!
  • Bossk, along with Force/Saber users need to have a diminishing return after the second consecutive jump and go on a cooldown after four. It makes mindtrick abilities, Leia's flash grenade useless as all you see players jumping up and down like their on a trampoline.
  • I'd say leave the height and distance of his jumps alone but make it so he goes up and down at the speed of a regular player. His gravity defying slow up and down movement is to much like the force yet as a reptile type thing his height and jump distances makes sense. Imagine if he could scale walls and vehicles like a reptile (within reason of course) and be able to use grenades while attached...that would be pretty cool.
  • I like his jump, it makes sense that he can jump high like that, he’s a predatory lizard.

    They could make it so he only jumps that high when he’s in predator instincts mode, which is supposed to strengthen him.

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