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December CC

The 2 Year Anniversary Of The OOM-9 Campaign

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I can't believe it guys but it's been 2 years now since I started the OOM-9 campaign on the forums! The threads, the concepts, the artwork, the videos, it's all been such a long and constantly fun road to get him into Battlefront 2

From the first OOM threads to the numerous sequels. Thank you to you all for continuing to support the campaign and maintain interest in the character. I could not have done anything without you all

Here's to another great year of OOM-9. Because believe me I got something very special in the works and especially for the very, very, special date of 9/9/2019


OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

Suppor The Latest OOM-9 Thread


I live again
I am ROMG4 or is ROMG4 me? If I am ROMG4 who am I? If ROMG4 is me who is he what is he? If I am him who or what am I?

If this is conscious does that mean I know I am ROMG4 or not, is ROMG4 me? or Is it not

Gone forgotten, out of board and into the pan of ghost fire and diatrabe of sadness no one AVENGED ME how could this be. 2 years I exist I help, I talk, I contribute, I speak, no one helped me no aide, no one all alone in the dark of the night where dark things lurk in the more of subconscious thought and that which lurks bellow and beyond the veil of madness and the unknown

Space and Asteroids ROMG4


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