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November Community Calendar

Class distinction for clones

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edited February 16
So they said the March update would include updated looks for all the Clone classes, changing how each class is visually distinguished from the others. Alongside the armored clone Officer.

What would you like to see for those changes?

My ideal:
  • CLONE ASSAULT: base / standard appearance (Available options: ARF helmet)
  • CLONE HEAVY: distinguished by backpack, satchel, and shoulder bandolier -- remove the kama and pauldron (Available options: different backpacks, different satchels, Reinforced helmet, Paratrooper helmet)
  • CLONE OFFICER: distinguished by small pauldron and rangefinder (Available options: medium pauldron, red Captain's pauldron, shade visor, Clone Pilot gear)
  • CLONE SPECIALIST: distinguished by short gray kama - remove the pauldron and binocs (Available options: binocs up, binocs down, brown kama, BARC helmet, Scout helmet)


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