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Can we have a weekend event where all star fighters are disabled on galactic assault matches

Just do what you did with out of era hero weekend, make the cost impossible to attain. Something different


  • you want more weekends where they take stuff OUT of the game? surely you jest
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  • Cadoth
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    Starfighters can be definitely annoying in GA sometimes but I don’t know if taking out stuff from GA again would make sense
  • How about an eternity with starfighters disabled in GA?
  • Lately I haven't even noticed them
    If they actually gave us new SA maps
    I might even have a crack at them again
    Good pilots I do salute you
  • Why stop there? Everything else too. Leave ONLY the 4 base classes.

    Call it the "Real men weekend"

    "It is now well and truly a level playing field. Your glowsticks and special forces will not be making an appearance here. Are you still good enough to get the job done, or are you a young fool, who only now, at the end, understands?"
  • I'd prefer a mode where the ion torpedoes are actually worth a dam...........
  • Really? Really? I vote for a weekend event where all of the people who complain like this person, along with the whole OP crowd who refuse to adapt or change their noob-like tactics, and the laser brain players who always serve as a detriment to whatever team they are on are all removed from the server.

    How about a competitive lobby weekend event? AT-ST allowed to once again access 3rd Phase and beyond on Jakku. LIUV getting back its speed and collision damage + being able to access back stairs on 2nd Phase of Starkiller Base. AT-ST once again being able to enter the 2nd Phase flight hangars on Hoth. Or how about adding 1 AT-ST to the 1st Phase of Endor? No? I guess, that would be too much fun and too true to Star Wars.
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