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(PS4) 3PO - an old people community - must be 30 years plus

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edited January 2019

just a headsup that 3PO still exists for us gamers with at least 30 successful birthdays. We don't exclusively play SWBF, so you'll also find some of us in the Battlefield ´verse, Fortnite, Gran Turismo, Overwatch and so on. Join by applying for the Facebook Group: 3PO (30 years Plus) or in the PSN Community with the same name.

Todays count of the Facebook group members: 247
Todays count of the PSN Community members: 426


Playstation 4 fun :pProud member of the 3PO community


  • Hi,

    I’m closing in on the next milestone 4PO....Play SWBF1 on PS4/UK, I have Turismo, not played it much.

    I use a standard controller, no mods, scripts, mouse and keyboard or modified controllers!
  • Hi all,

    New PS4 player here that just bought Battlefront 1 and 2.

    Easy to find a game on BF2 but I'm really hoping I can hook up with some people here to play the DLC maps on BF1.

    I'm on US CST and can play nights and weekends. Any interest in getting a group together to tackle those maps?
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