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November Community Calendar

Good job on buffing kylo.

Finally he won't be a joke anymore
Increased Kylo base Lightsaber damage from 100 to 125.
Increased Kylo base Lightsaber extra damage when attacking from behind from 20 to 40.
Increased Kylo base Frenzy damage on Heroes from 80 to 125.
Increased Kylo base Frenzy damage on Troopers from 80 to 150.
Decreased Bloodlust extra damage on Frenzy from 10, 20, 30, 40 to 5, 10, 15, 20.
Fixed an issue where reactivation of the Frenzy ability would be blocked for a short time, if it was activated with no target. The ability successfully remains on the same target until they are defeated. It swaps to a new target upon original target defeat.
Fixed an issue where Kylo Ren's first hit with Frenzy would not stagger targets, making it look like the attack had missed.
Fixed an issue where the Frenzy ability could be activated mid-air,
Fixed a visual issue where the duration of Kylo Ren's Freeze ability would not be synchronized with the grayed-out screen effect from the affected user.

Now buff luke


  • Good i like playing Kylo in GA, with these buffs he will be a beast.
    ''The difference between a fall and a sacrifice is sometimes difficult, but I feel he understood that difference, more than anyone knew. The galaxy would have fallen if he had not gone to war. Perhaps he became the Dark Lord out of necessity to prevent a greater evil''

  • Does this mean saber heroes cant block frenzy anymore? Is that what that sentence implies?
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